Yesterday, our editor asked us how important is objectivity to us. It got me thinking seriously…..

I admitted that from 1-10, 10 being most important, I rated only 5. I explained that it is hard to be very objective (i.e. report without bias, leave to readers to make their own conclusiion) when we have the video camera in our hands.

For e.g. during the Bon Odori festival, I went ronda-ronda without turning on my video camera when the Exco I don’t like was giving his speech. He was going on and on about how Penang is mentioned in New York Times (the second time I hear the same speech) and I wanted to shout from below the stage, “HOI! That’s my blog New York Times is talking about lah! Don’t lah belagak how great Penang is. Give me a bit of credit lah. Nay…see? Here? Me? I am the owner of the blog NYT mentioned mah. And you kept staring through me like I am made of glass every time I bumped into you. Next time, say thank you, ok?”

Anyway, people, it is very hard to be objective. Sometimes, I purposely shift my camera so that it doesn’t capture faces that I don’t like to see. Sometimes, I ask questions to get the answers I want to hear.

So, you tell me, so far, if you have watched my videos on issues like the Kampung Buah Pala, the Catholic church eviction, Al Islam interview with the Catholics, and etc, do you think I have been fair in reporting? Or is my reporting skewed to my #1 fansee obssession or my religion? Heh. I am beginning to wonder if people may accuse me of being Lim Guan Eng’s mouthpiece. No matter how much I admire his caustic style blended with a big heart, I like to remind myself not to get suck into bodek-king.

The above video has been greatly edited. I would have wanted to put more but I have to be objective. Objectivity is important.