(insert all expletives)

First, I have to borrow RM2 from the CM’s special assistant in Komtar today. LOL. Cos I changed bags so often, I forgot to put my wallet into my handbag. Lucky I have RM6 inserted in my handphone pouch cos the farking parking fees in Komtar is darn expensive and I paid RM4 today. Lucky I can claim or else I won’t ever park there or go near Komtar. Once I have to pay RM6, just waiting for some villagers that end with no news.

Second, my handphone kaput-ed. During the night, it went dead but lucky I woke up very early today so I didn’t oversleep as the handphone is also my alarm clock.

And I only reliased my phone is dead and all my numbers are in there and not in my SIM card. So, I couldn’t phone anyone. Including my son’s kindie teacher to tell her I will be late.

So, I was late by two hours and my son ngam-ngam cham-cham why LGE so bad oneeee…Actually, I told him in the morning he will have lunch at kindie and I will pick him later. But to him, later means 30 minutes so 2 hours is like a long time. He thinks LGE is bad bcos I bruffed him LGE talk cannot stop, so mommy video camera also cannot off, so mommy has to stay quietly and wait.

And I don’t know what the PC is all about. Some school allocations amounting RM8.5M to be distributed. I hate it when they switched from English to Mandarin to BM because that means I must listen and pay attention to all three languages to see when the language I prefer comes in. Anyway, I take video so I don’t really care what goes on because I know I am not likely to produce a video on the topic. At least not at this point because I don’t like making videos with only the talking heads. I like cool sceneries to jazz it up.

Since I am bored, I go stir shit a bit. I mean, with the new Human Rights Party by Uthayakumar, they should do things through proper channel, right? If they want to fight for the Kg Buah Pala villagers, they must at least try engaging the Penang State Government to have a dialogue or something, right? So, I asked CM if HRP (btw, I was wearing orange today so people may think I am a Chindraf member) has contacted them. He gleefully said no (as I expected). And I wanted to ask, ‘Why don’t the state contact them, then?’ But of course, I won’t risk that or else skali I ended up like NST, no more PC.

But that’s not the mother of all tulan-ness. So, I picked my son from kindie and that cunning, sly kid knows how to arm twist the mommy. He demanded ice-cream stop at the Caltex station. I told him I only have RM4 left. He said ice-cream only RM1.20 and he has 20 sen (found in my car).

So, we went to the blardy petrol station with their over friendly staffs. My kid actually dislike it because they have asked him if he is a girl! Other times, they pinch his cheeks because on hot days, he has such lovely, rosy cheeks. But today, the niamah of the taukey, I mean the man lah, came out of his office.

And the farking chap asked me, “Your grandson?”

KNN, wait….one day I go scratch his Triton which he treats like some prize possession. Signs of middle-age crisis where men need to either keep a trophy car, a mistress or both.

Blardy hell, you mean, six years ago, I cannot have sex and get pregnant, issit?

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