Do you all remember MACC Ahmad Said and his porn remarks?

I haven’t check my sitemeter for many weeks already because since I started doing all these citizen journalism stuffs, I have to put my online money making effort to the side.

So, I just logged into my sitemeter which is some stats that tell me how people stumble upon my blog. I am glad that my site is ranked rather high for Teoh Beng Hock. On the first page of Google. God bless his soul and gives strength to his family. You may ask why it is important for me? Because that way, I can use to divert internet traffic for a good cause.

Just like how I pwnd Lim Guan Eng‘s name when he became Chief Minister of Penang since day one. Everyone who looks for Lim Guan Eng’s past and histories, have to read what I wrote about him. And so far, no one can quite articulate things about him just like I do. (and no one can argue with me because he said so)

Ok, now on to the funny part. I found some traffic from Wikipedia. In case you do not know, it is like the ‘authority’ on any subjects. It is an open encyclopedia and people contribute their thoughts. So, I searched how my blog is linked to MACC. And I almost laugh till fall off chair.

Ahhhh…Lim Kit Siang taruh-ed the chief of MACC yesterday night. And I think he is going to be so amuse that Ahmad Said is famous for his “it is nothing unusual for men to store porn on their handphones.” Thanks to the famous 5xmom. Now, everyone remembers MACC condone and embrace porn, beside other things. My post on MACC is over here.

Yeah, only the Divine can gives me such SEO power. The power to twist the internet searches, according to my way.