View of Kampung Buah Pala protest from the 59th floor

A description of my video :

Citizen journalist Chan Lilian got the bird’s eye view of Georgetown from the 59th floor of Komtar around 10 am because she went there to cover PDC’s open tender for rental of the 59th & 60th floor.

From the 59th floor, she managed to shoot the commotion going on at Jalan Dato’ Keramat near Berjaya Times Square and an Indian temple. At that time, the Chief Minister was inspecting the 59th floor with PDC. CJ Lilian grabbed the opportunity to ask the CM what is going on but CM wasn’t sure.

Back home, she found that Khairy Jamaluddin through his Twitter has mentioned that T Mohan of MIC was arrested.

Two nights ago, DCM2 Prof. Ramasamy had delivered a very serious speech about the going-ons at Kampung Buah Pala and claimed it is the work of Barisan Nasional.

A story behind the video which only readers of 5xmom get to hear.

Yesterday, I asked CM’s press secretary what ‘Lawatan’ means because I received notice about press conference followed by lawatan. She told me it is to visit the 59th floor of Komtar. So, I attended the PC this morning simply because I want to tour 59th floor. Shh….I am only interested in issues related to human rights, religious tolerance and the environment. Other things, I prefer to stay away.

With my DSLR and video camera, I went to the PC. All ready to shoot photos from the 59th floor. So, after some boring press conference about the RCI and PDC open tender to rent out the 59th and 60th floor, we get to go.

But hor, before that, my abang-abang sifu-sifu videographers told me there is a protest at Jalan Dato’ Keramat at 10.30 am. Today, I wore a normal work blouse and therefore, not suitable to follow the crazy gang running on the streets. What more with all my foundation and powder. So, they went ahead on their motorbikes.

Then, we got to the 59th floor and oh wow, I could actually filmed the protest from there. In fact, I even recognised a few of the videographers from that level. The road leading to the protest is jammed and lucky I didn’t drive my Viva there or I would be stuck in the jam.

However, I feel a bit wasted because I saw a row of riot police. Damn, it must be damn fun to be in the thick of action. If I know a day before, I would be going straight to film that instead of going to Komtar. Tu lah, no one bothers to sms or tell me earlier.

When I came back, I found from my Tweetdeck that it was MIC’s protest. The weird thing is Khairy Jamaluddin and Najib 1Malaysia Twitters crept into my Tweetdeck search results. (those of you who want to get the latest news, just key in your keywords and put search, live Tweet will appear)


So, I remember the warning from Prof. Ramasamy and how things are slowly playing out in our eyes. Sad. The villagers are already going through so much tension and today, I heard Samy Vellu’s son went to Komtar to deliver a memorandum to demand CM to buy the piece of land and give to the villagers at RM3.2M. CM had said in the interview that the developer doesn’t even want to sell. Maybe Samy Vellu’s son should go back and ask daddy to a solution. Daddy has better connections mah.