10 jobs I probably hate

1. Kindergarten teacher
I will never have the energy, vibrancy, patience, sunny disposition around a bunch of kids. Oh my God, thank you for kindergarten teachers. They can sing, dance, jump, run, play, laugh with so much joy and glee early in the morning.

Given to me, I will probably, “Shaddap already, can’t you kids see I haven’t had my coffee yet? Go sit down and keep quiet or else I tape your mouth with duct tape. And you can’t peel it off because if you do, your lips and your cheek’s skin are going to come out as well. So, keep quiet and get off my face!”

2. Gynaecologist
A gynae is an expert in women’s problem. An obstetrician is one who delivers babies. Usually, we have ob-gynae, two-in-one doctors here. I can stand the ob part because I get to receive humans who have just arrived into the world. Such a magnanimous job, isn’t it?

But not a gynae. Imagine sitting down at the stool and staring into other women’s vaginas all day long! I have never even seen mine at that angle, what more other women. Lots of other women. Puke! I better stop imagining before I throw up my breakfast of char been hoon.

3. Dentist
I don’t need to explain, do I?

4. Ball carrier aka politician who is not quite up there
Spare me! The monkey acts they do in the name of publicity. I won’t go into details or else someone is going to know I am talking about him. Damn, can move out of the frame ah? I don’t want your face in my video lah, yerrrrrrr.

5. Press photographer
I still wonder how press photographers can shoot the same (sometime ugly) faces everyday and they never get tired. The other day, during one of the big shot meets his people session, these photographers were asking big shot to sit down so they can take his pikchures….lotsa pikchures…So, I blabbered, “Hey, why are you guys taking Mr. Big’s photo? You all take his photo everyday already mahhh. Mr. Big, go stand there and take with your people lah.” Hahaha, that sentence just popped out of my mouth because it is ridiculous mah, right? So, Mr. Big told me, “Liliannnn….*he keeps smiling his fake smile* when a photographer asked you to do something *continue with fake smile*, you can never say no wannn.*head not moving, lips smiling while talking*” And yet, he stood up and moved to his people.

6. Politician
Ahhh…the fantastic lies they spin. Oh I am pretty good at spinning lies too but I think I will get “telling lies burnout” after a couple of months. I will be so good at it, I cannot even say a single truth.

7. Accountant
I can’t figure out why it is so important to balance the balance sheet. So what if one cent is missing or even, so what is a few hundred thousands are missing? Sheessh…..Why must waste so much resources and time to find that one single missing cent.

8. I can’t think of any other.

13 thoughts on “10 jobs I probably hate

  1. Hi, Lilian,

    Please add another one to the list

    ENGINEER = Lifeless + 10 hours in lab each day + no social life

  2. Well …if you consider to be politian , let me know…Will vote for u !!

  3. I also hate Dentist. Kes takut cabut gigi. I remembered I asked my brother to become dentist. That time one of teeth..goyang-goyang. So I tied my tooth to the door knob & asked my brother to slam the door.

  4. Danny – The one in Penang, kena whacked by MIC people yesterday. The DCM2 political officer. Kesian that guy.

  5. I can tahan to be kindy teacher, if teaching kids only,but I don’t think I can tahan the kiasu parents that sometimes comes with the package.

    “Why ah my kid cannot read yet, others can read oredi at 3?” “Why so much/no homework one?” etc… etc.. etc

    This is especially so in the exclusive kindies la, those got names like Sri something-or-other .

  6. No.5 reminded me of the pics you posted for Teoh Beng Hock’s forum in Penang. I think you took so many pics of LKS you practically got him with every form of facial expression that one can make.

  7. Paul – Hahaha, he was like an icon mah. But now, I see he is actually not as scary and strict like what I used to think. He does smile!

  8. Hai yah,
    got other jobs I dislike or hate the most
    1) lawyer
    lies,lies and more lies. dont ask the client – “did you do it?”
    2) early morning radio DJ or talkback radio host – so early like 5am to 9am have to jenaka, tell a funny story and so bright that my eyes cannot open at 4am ready for radio show. very kejam to wake up at 3:30am to drive to studio.
    3) early morning TV show host. same as above but must get to studio damn early for makeup, hair, clothes and sound ready for 6am show. wanna die to read news, tell jokes and do some demo cooking some more at that ungodly hour. my kucing oso still asleep at that time of day
    4) garbage collector. very unsightly, poor hygiene, and the truck leaking water, smell and rubbish all over the neighbourhood while collecting garbo. not glamour at all. wanna meet someone to marry, ar? tough luck. potential mother in laws also lock up the door before you can ketok on the door.
    5) traffic police officer. stress betullah. panas and no respect from drivers honking all over. and then the stupid drivers still drive illegally and kena saman oso. saman here and there oso my hand penat arthritis.
    6) call centre operator. always have to put on the best speech to get ppl to buy the offers and then get ppl to slam the phone loudly on my ears. oso no glamour and lots of stress trying to make a sale. very cham life lor trying to make a sale.

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