CM Lim is the coolest

Today, I am supposed to join my Malaysiakini’s sifus for dinner. I got dressed, get ready to go out. Earlier in the afternoon, CM’s press sec told me that there isn’t much going on and she won’t be staying back.

But I decided at the last minute to just try popping by Komtar first to see how are things. When the guards saw me, they said, “Eh…petang tadi kata tak nak datang….pasai apa hang mai?”

I told them, “Tak boleh tahan lah…saya tengok Samy Vellu kat TV3.”

TV3 was featuring Samy Vellu going on and on about buying the land back for RM3.3M. That’s like the most misinformed, miscalculated, misguided piece of news. So, I cancelled my plans to have dinner (and bodek-king my ‘bosses’ LOL) and ber-CJ-ing in Komtar instead.

Soon, things happened as usual. I shall not repeat or report. I merely phoned my hubby, “Dear, you pack first, I think it is going to be a long night. Got shouting lah, this lah, that lah, biasalah…”

So, we hang around as usual. And finally, CM called the press in. His hair is still all shiny and not a strand out of place. Later, after the meeting, I gossip with some of the villagers and asked them, “Eh, CM got naik angin? Just now some of those people shouting shouting. Wuah, I sked….”

And they told me…”No…our CM is very nice….he very good, you know?”

Another told me, “We all no worries lah, CM sure takes care of us.”

I also dig from the guards, and they also told me, “CM cool..”

Now, I wonder what hair cream did CM use to get that cool head, huh?

(My video is being processed. You can see how shiny his hair is after 2 hours of heated dialogue.)

*waves to my blog reader who is the ‘big & friendly’ ‘friend’* Wah…I didn’t know I have bodyguards as my blog reader.

P/S : And I seriously think (and other members of the press agree with me) that someone is wayyyyy over rude with the rude people. He could easily get punch with that kind of attitude. No one approach a group of angry people with an angrier face and a tone of voice asking for trouble. CM needs better PR (public relation) representative, really.

10 thoughts on “CM Lim is the coolest

  1. Is the “someone” in your ps the ADUN from CM’s office? LOL~~

    He’s super controversial… Work hard to gather bad PR for his boss, his party and the government one… šŸ˜›

  2. He has my highest respect now with his latest call to revoke the development order issued to Nusmetro……that’s the kind of CM we need for all States……got balls to face up to BN cronies!
    It will be interesting to see next week what the developer will do.
    CM Lim very “choon!”

  3. People’s power! As long as our CM loves the people, the people automatically will love our CM back! Oh yeah, if you ever get to see him, ask him what hair gel he using ok? ^^

  4. kampunginvestor/toolan – Haih…you guys should see the drama. That Hindraf guy was there the other night and now, he double-headed and claimed PR not doing anything for Indian though Hindraf helped them win erection. Sigh…Things will get even more twisted and dramatic. I hope to play my role in getting some balance.

    hoyohoyo – Yalor, who else can be so thupek to point index finger right to the face of an Indian. It is very rude to Indians’ to do that and we have to respect that, unless you want to get punch. He has to remember he is the government and not the opposition.

    fetish – Go bek to skool and learn your ingrish properly first. Find out what is fetish before you simply use the word, ok?

  5. Ya lor, I really don’t understand why Hindraf suddenly turn renegade one? They are from the beginning the very vocal and action speaks louder than words type but at least they can tell the good and bad guys, now it seems like everyone is bad guys and they are the only good guys? Maybe you could find out more and tell the rest of us coz we are also interested to know the “reason”……
    I think they want immediate results and after waiting for 1 year, got restless…that’s what I think lah…hope you can shade some light on this matter…and I think it’s all some misunderstanding(crossing my fingers)

  6. Hi Aunty Lilian.

    CM is cool. He came for the last mass of St Anne’s Feast last sunday.
    But he chao-ed right after the priest prayed for him XD

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