I am even too busy for the ghosts

I just fed my battalion. The #2 son wants to learn how to make spaghetti carbonara after he played too much Restaurant City. Since I have cream, bacon and spaghetti, it took us only a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the #3 son doesn’t fancy creamy stuffs and enjoyed the fried wantan. The #1 and #5 already had lunch earlier because I bought a box of KFC after my trip to Komtar. I had a craving for cheezy potato wedges with extra cheese sauce. That was actually my breakfast/lunch because I didn’t have time to drink coffee or ate before I went to the press con. I knew CM is going to talk about Kampung Buah Pala and glad I got my lazy, sleepy self there because he said ‘today, all of you get one PC plus three free’. He said the RCI is like a toothless tiger. He said Samy Vellu’s offer to pay for the Kampung Buah Pala land for the villagers is a big bluff from MIC and he also talked about the abandoned old folks. And he said ‘thank you, Lilian’. I am not sure why he thanked me because I wasn’t paying attention when he was talking earlier. I think it is to thank me for my video on the old folks drop in centre.

Talking about this video, I wrote to two (maybe three excos plus the CM). I am very sure the DAP gov. can work with the MCA ex-assemblyman’s wife to make the old folks drop-in centre and recycling centre a better place. I don’t care what’s their political ideal but all I see is a hardworking woman who provides a place for old folks from the lower income group to go during the day. Those whose children’s income are below RM1,500 can send their aged parents during the day. Only RM150 per month with meals provided.

To me, it is a noble thing. But you know what one exco replied to me? He said their accounts are not transparent (so that’s why the state does not help). I shot back an email, “It is your job to monitor and find a way to work around it.” Come on, I know many charitable homes have messy accounts. Some maybe have some mismanagement of funds. But at the root of it, these are people who are doing something for the community which would otherwise be neglected. Of course, that exco is always in my ‘sipeh beh tahan’ list. But another exco replied that he will invite the datin to be part of their environment committee.

See? It doesn’t take much to make changes. Just a bold, daring and courageous attitude to tell off the politicians if they pissed me. With a state government who preaches helping the poor, old, homeless, neglected etc etc, it is the best opportunity for me as a CJ to be their voice. Like the other day, while waiting for the lift, I told CM about this datin and how she needs someone to help the old folks to fill up some Warga Emas welfare forms. CM immediately phoned his assistant and gave me his phone and asked me to talk to him. Immediate action.

After all these crazy CJ pursuits, I just remember that this year, I have forgotten my hungry ghosts. How can I forget hungry ghosts lah? I am going to make a video on hungry ghost festival next. After I finished my ex-ISA interview with LGE, THC, how the public is dealing with No Plastic Bag Monday and that ‘never ending Kampung Buah Pala saga’.

Peoples, watch out for hungry ghosts, ok? Don’t simply go into jungles, seas, beaches and other neglected places if you can help it. And be respectful to those who died. Whether you believe in hungry ghost or not, it is always good to be mindful of your actions and words. Be nice to our ‘ho hniah tee’ (good brothers aka the ghosts).

Talking about that, the other night while I was waiting for the Kampung Buah Pala meeting to end around 11.30 pm, I was chatting with CM’s official photographer. It was dark on the 28th floor because the main lights were off. So, this guy was telling me about his relative who went to some hot water spring in Kedah and took photos at night. Then, he described to me what or rather who appeared in those photos. “Cukup, cukup, aku tak mau dengar tau….nanti aku tak berani turun pergi carpark, oi, dah gelap niiiii.” But he went on to describe the woman seen in the photo. Lucky, after the Kampung Buah Pala meeting was over, I quickly run along with a group of the villagers or else, if I go alone, die ler. What if the lift get jammed between 28th and 3rd floor and suddenly, from being alone, I am crushed inside with a bunch of angry ‘people’ who were there to find Koh Tsu Koon? LOL.

10 thoughts on “I am even too busy for the ghosts

  1. lol..luv d tongue-in-cheek KTK joke. perhaps a change of address notice shld b burned 2 notify “those” friends on where KTK is currently staying.

  2. Lilian, if there are anything I can help the poor, the needy and the home do let me know. I & Lawrence are always willing to chip in to help. We will support your work and also support our CM, LGE. We may not be filty rich or famous punya olang but we help to whatever extend we can do. I agreed with what you shoot the exco. Transparent or not, it’s their duty to find out. I think you and me also tarak simply throw out money to help lar, betul boh? Finally, as a friend …………. I truly proud of you. Not many people have the courage like you!!! I am not bodeking hor, this type of job – saya tarak buat.

  3. what does he mean by ‘their account not transparent’?

    good on you for ‘shooting down’ at anyone (esp in the public service sector) for such lame reply.
    think i will give u a ‘ta pek’ when I see u.

    by an large, i say majority of the elderly are been neglected both physically or mentally or both. i once enquired to an old folks home if it was possible to take a bus load of the residents to go sight seeing.. u know, go to gurney plaza, food court then botanical garden, i said i provide transportation and food… but was told… ‘no go’ since they do not hav enuf hands to look after 30 old folks.

    will try again next time and get my friends to come along. Need military precision planning, may be you can be the OP!

  4. Looks like you are the check and balance Lilian, amongst these 2 political parties…….god bless them loh!
    The strangest thing is everytime(year) when we burned the offerings, there is always this strong gush of wind that comes almost towards the end…….spooky?

  5. Lilian, let me tell you how I feel about the no plastic bag program.

    Great idea but due to less plastic bags in my house now, I have to resort to buying garbage bags to use for my sampah. These bags, the blue and black ones, I believe are not biodegradable so I am actually adding to the problem la.Any suggestions for a better solution??

    So I try not to shop on Mondays la, even though I do carry some of my own bags in the car all the time.

  6. Its only the 6th Lunar month lah. Gates only opening next month but they selling moon cakes already. WTF.

    Tell any politician off if they are not performing. Lest they not forget it is us who elected them.

  7. Angie – Yalor, chi kei lor lei suey geh

    apanama – Tiu, really ah? LOL, no wonder they never kacau me yet.

    momo – Wait I go gather all my clips and I explore this.

    toolan – Really ah? Ok,I go video and see go find anything or not…*inserts twilight zone music*

    JT – I only dare to shoot when I feel I am right lah. I wrote a nice, polite and convincing email to the excos and c.c. to my adun aka cm. My intention is all for the old people there. One of them shot back with a one liner that their account not transparent. So, I tembak back with one liner and said it is your job to monitor and work around it. I bumped into him time, I buat dunno LOL. And the thing is, I do bumped into these people a lot.

    erina – Yalor, if they don’t trust, mah think of other ways to do lor. Like make it per project, donate in kind, get corporate companies to help or whatever. So many ways mah. Don’t lah just neglect people and then, claimed they are not transparent. Think so many people who are so kind to render help to old folks meh.

    Cos I beh shiok is I wrote to the CM who is my ADun and I get back the email from the CM email account but it is not him who replied but someone else lor. I know I am very green horn and believe every thing people said. But I also can judge mah, if the person is sincere, not so sincere or a downright cheater. In my opinion, this place is worth looking into mah.

  8. I have been a silent reader for some time. I really admire how much you have evolved into your latest role as CJ. Our current CM is doing a good job and its good you are there to report. Bravo!

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