“Your no. 1 fansee is here”

I got an sms from someone while I was having retail therapy.

I was shopping at The Gardens. There is sale going on at Robinson, Isetan and all the shops in Midvalley and The Gardens.

Sms said ‘Your no. 1 fansee is here”

So happy that someone actually put the reverse role.

So, no need to shop so much.

Happy enough liao.

And the someone is my # 2 son.

And the fansee was in Queensbay.

Never mind…you don’t know what I am mumbling.

I know enough liao.

6 thoughts on ““Your no. 1 fansee is here”

  1. For a moment I thought CM Lim send you the sms……ha, ha, ha…you cannot blame me for thinking that right, you said reverse role mah.

  2. That’s why you were not at the Khoo Kongsi with the CM on Saturday night!No wonder no photos of him with his nice nice hair.

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