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“Your no. 1 fansee is here”

I got an sms from someone while I was having retail therapy.

I was shopping at The Gardens. There is sale going on at Robinson, Isetan and all the shops in Midvalley and The Gardens.

Sms said ‘Your no. 1 fansee is here”

So happy that someone actually put the reverse role.

So, no need to shop so much.

Happy enough liao.

And the someone is my # 2 son.

And the fansee was in Queensbay.

Never mind…you don’t know what I am mumbling.

I know enough liao.

6 Responses to ““Your no. 1 fansee is here””

  1. I know! (^_^) I saw him there too and was expecting you to be there ler

  2. I know I know…our beloved Penang CM ? correct correct correct?

  3. For a moment I thought CM Lim send you the sms……ha, ha, ha…you cannot blame me for thinking that right, you said reverse role mah.

  4. Hihihi, I also thought CM sent you the sms.

  5. i know i know… your no.2 son sms-ed u telling u CM is in QBM?

  6. That’s why you were not at the Khoo Kongsi with the CM on Saturday night!No wonder no photos of him with his nice nice hair.