I don’t know what to blog already, wei

I have written or rather crapped two lame posts. But I decided that’s not so me, so I deleted them.

I am waiting for someone to piss me so that I can go obnoxious mode and blog. But too bad, no one piss me yet.

Then, I asked myself, which category of blogger am I? You see, on Saturday, we went to this bloggers’ briefing on Pruhealth insurance and they mentioned that the bloggers were chosen from various categories like parenting, food, lifestyle, fashion, photography and politics.

So, I secretly hope I fall under the politics category and not the mommies’ bloggers. Hey, which category of blogger am I now?

I am awfully confused myself. Sometimes, I meet women and they told me they like my women’s musing. Sometimes, politicians told me they read my blog. Sometimes, teens said they love my blog. Yet, I hardly hear people say anything about me, as a parenting blogger. Arrggh..it is awfully confusing. Identity crisis.

Anyway, I have an awfully lot of things to do but I am not feeling so perky and bubbly. I have a stack of photos that I need to resize and post for some college. I have to prepare my work schedule for a four-part documentary. I have some interviews to do and I must get the structure drafted out.

Talking about four-part documentary, let me ask my faithful readers. You see, I am one of the CJ selected by Malaysiakini and ICFJ under their fellowship. I am paid through US grants. (yayaya, I do get paid a little bit for my video journalism but I would have done what I am doing even if there is none, unless of course, KTK returns as the CM)

I had initially planned to make a four-part documentary on heritage. Like the heritage sites in Penang, how these places are restored (filming those artists at work), how people’s lives are affected by development and how to make them continue living as the living heritage, what is the government doing and what are the methods of educating the public on the importance of heritage yadda yadda yadda. But now, I suddenly do not feel like going to all the 26-33 heritage sites to film those places because I will get so dark. (ya, lame excuse)

So, I want to change topic. Therefore, let me ask my dear faithful readers….

What do you wish to see in a four-parts documentary? That means it is a fourty minute documentary on the same subject, touching on these issues : human rights, religious tolerance and environment. Faster tell! That includes all of you silent readers who hardly comment. Please give me some ideas. I must submit my work schedule like right now.

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  1. I really like your piece on the homeless. I would love to see a series highlighting charitable organisations and their works. That way it would give them some publicity also since your blog is so widely read, even by the CM. In recent times there have been so many fraud charitable organisations, perhaps a good series by you would give some credibility especially to the genuine ones.

  2. Paul – Thanks! I love doing those type of documentaries too where I can connect with people. I will keep this in mind. The problem is most of these videos need to be shot at night and night shooting is really bleh bcos of the low light and grainy video.

  3. heritage, human rights…… religion have all been discussed by many others
    never seen u tok abt environment b4.
    what abt harnessing natural resources like solar power, there are a few plants/factories in kulim tht manufacture these solar panels but 100% are for export! why can’t they be used in m’sia?
    also, what are LGE’s views on green issues and what he plans for PG…..blah blah blah…..
    i’d love to see at least all the street lamps are powered by solar energy……

  4. I agree with JT to focus on the environment docu. Yesterday I went to sunshine farlim to buy some stuffs and I forgot that it is the “no plastic monday”. Need to carry everything la…

  5. Yo! 5xmom, I think you had focused a lot on politics nowadays. I normally enjoy reading your rant on things that relate to our daily life. Though I had been out from blogging for nearly 4+ years, I still read your blog through RSS each morning. It’s like morning coffee. But the CJ part is really interesting.


  6. Hmmm…maybe this blog is not going thru identity crisis lah, more like blog’s version of mid-life crisis.
    Anyway, here’s my 2 cents worth : how about a documentary to show our racial integration, that during our time, it is less polarize. I want our younger generations to see that we used to lived and played together, no issues like now or issues being brought up by certain quarters now. I want the younger generations to feel less inferior of one another and no matter black, white or brown, we can all still sit in the same table and have a teh tarik and even joke about one another, any issues under the sky, shot the wind thing!(at least I am still with my buddies). I don’t see this anymore with the younger generations, maybe to confirm, check with your kids 1st and see if they feel the same. I know my kids don’t anymore and when I asked, they could not answer. I hope to tell them it was not like this, not like now.

  7. “What do you wish to see in a four-parts documentary?”
    Must it be Penang? Show us Kedah but not Yan ‘cos so overdone.
    Or Seberang Prai like where the cafes/restaurants/etc are.
    Do a lifestyle thing lah — Makan, nice motel, etc.

  8. Focus on the needy.
    Categorise into various groups like orphans, aged, women, physically challenged, etc….
    Each part will feature one group; what are their needs, what aids/supports they are getting now (from Govern, charitable organisations), how these needs and aids can be better coordinated and addressed.

    There are a lot of needy people out there. The help they get now is very ad hoc and not coordinated. There are also certain groups that are being neglected. But on the other hand, there are also people who want to help but do not know where/how to.

    Perhaps this video can provide a overview of the various groups of the less fortunate people to ensure their needs can be better addressed and aids/support are more coordinated. Hopefully it can also create an awareness for those with the means to help and start the culture of giving/sharing.

  9. Hi Lillian(when i suppose to call u Aunty for the age gap difference),

    I’m a faithful follower of your blog and everything that you have post so far seems to amusing and informative for me. It really helps me to keep up to date with the politic situation in Malaysia since i left the country a year ago. Since you asked our opinion on what type of documentary you should do, I think(personally) making a religion documentary nowadays is quite challenging and exciting in the same time. I think that if you go around and ask about what do the Islam people think of the recent “spy tragedy” that happened would be informative and something that public would like to read or watch. Then after that, you could interview the Catholics on what they think of the situation.

    I myself as a Catholic is eager to know what the public’s(mostly Islam and Catholic people) opinion on this issue. Since you already posted a lot on politics, why not try this topic. It would be “exciting” as in a controversial topic and public(readers) like controversial stuffs.

    Anyway, it is just my suggestion and you will be having the final say. By all means, I will definitely any documentary that you will make. Cheers and peace be with you. =)

  10. Lilian I has been your silent readers for years although I leave a comment or two in the past,I like your honesty and straight blunt way in your writing. I like the piece highlighting the abandoned people on the street and how you see them in a different way, creating awareness to people.

    And I would love to read more on social awareness which many people don’t realise how fortunate they are (have too much politics from everywhere!) and would like to see your daily rants and how you find solution or solve them ( cos you eat salt more than rice ma ?)

    And a bit of human rights issue is good as well šŸ™‚

  11. Hi Lilian,

    From my point of view, I would like to see something regarding human rights in Malaysia. Other than that, save our environment would be a good idea also šŸ™‚


  12. Hey Lilian,

    Just a thought for your future CJ interviews. I don’t think anyone has interviewed the CM’s wife Betty Chew yet. Maybe you can make an exclusive on how it’s like to be Penang’s first lady and the wife of a man with so many fansee. Don’t know if she get sked or jeles bo?

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