I have written or rather crapped two lame posts. But I decided that’s not so me, so I deleted them.

I am waiting for someone to piss me so that I can go obnoxious mode and blog. But too bad, no one piss me yet.

Then, I asked myself, which category of blogger am I? You see, on Saturday, we went to this bloggers’ briefing on Pruhealth insurance and they mentioned that the bloggers were chosen from various categories like parenting, food, lifestyle, fashion, photography and politics.

So, I secretly hope I fall under the politics category and not the mommies’ bloggers. Hey, which category of blogger am I now?

I am awfully confused myself. Sometimes, I meet women and they told me they like my women’s musing. Sometimes, politicians told me they read my blog. Sometimes, teens said they love my blog. Yet, I hardly hear people say anything about me, as a parenting blogger. Arrggh..it is awfully confusing. Identity crisis.

Anyway, I have an awfully lot of things to do but I am not feeling so perky and bubbly. I have a stack of photos that I need to resize and post for some college. I have to prepare my work schedule for a four-part documentary. I have some interviews to do and I must get the structure drafted out.

Talking about four-part documentary, let me ask my faithful readers. You see, I am one of the CJ selected by Malaysiakini and ICFJ under their fellowship. I am paid through US grants. (yayaya, I do get paid a little bit for my video journalism but I would have done what I am doing even if there is none, unless of course, KTK returns as the CM)

I had initially planned to make a four-part documentary on heritage. Like the heritage sites in Penang, how these places are restored (filming those artists at work), how people’s lives are affected by development and how to make them continue living as the living heritage, what is the government doing and what are the methods of educating the public on the importance of heritage yadda yadda yadda. But now, I suddenly do not feel like going to all the 26-33 heritage sites to film those places because I will get so dark. (ya, lame excuse)

So, I want to change topic. Therefore, let me ask my dear faithful readers….

What do you wish to see in a four-parts documentary? That means it is a fourty minute documentary on the same subject, touching on these issues : human rights, religious tolerance and environment. Faster tell! That includes all of you silent readers who hardly comment. Please give me some ideas. I must submit my work schedule like right now.