15 thoughts on “So, I decided…

  1. yo LC the CJ,

    u gt to ask yrself if u blog for others or for yrself? perhaps yr role has somewhat changed ever since u bcame the CJ….?????

  2. shh…..

    tell u a secret…

    if u were 22yo, has a face of a supermodel with 36, 22, 36 figure and still single ….. things would hav been very different.. .

    ssshhhhh…dun tell others I said tht!

  3. Let’s think of it this way loh, you have A LOT of secret admirers loh! All secretly admiring you mah! Too shy to show face, only the few here muka tembok(me inclusive) loh! Ha ha ha…..

  4. Ouch, terasa pulak aku! Pls don’t stop blogging – 40 mins is like a short film – a 4 part series on the Day in the life of ….. (anybody in Penang)- the Datin who runs the old folks’ drop in centre, our beloved LGE, the ordinary char kuey teow guy at Komtar, the Milo van guy…. i donno, the possibilities are endless. I’m still grieving for Yasmin Ahmad, btw. Maybe a 4 part series that brings those Petronas ads alive – i also want the younger generation to see the love we all had in our growing up years …. God bless u Lillian!

  5. ai cho cho cho.. don’t la merajuk.. let me be one of your secret lover now surface la… you jangan just buat 4 part, buatla 40 parts, then we read more ma… 🙂

    Ok Peace.. eh, macam me and my anak talking je..

  6. ………..

    Not blogging??? Still very consistent at posting wor. wtf!!!

    Eh, have you decided on the camera bag??? Need time to source leh. wtfx2!!!

  7. blog about how PPS punya page rank now down to 2.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!

    PPS mahu mati liao!

  8. Aiyaa!!!!!! Dun be like that la…. I know sometimes we feel very geram one if people do not respond or the respond is too few but never mind la be cool la.

    Pls don’t stp blogging la… everyday I visit your blog one leh…. I will be very boring if u dun blog la….

  9. i agree with JT.
    Where have all the `typical 5xmom humour and family life rantings (which i was attracted to at first) gone ?
    I am a housewife, i felt related to your earlier post, but now its all politics. We homemakers should `keh ang ciak phang phang’!
    Let the men deal with the dog eat dog world.

  10. wanna see how long you merajuk. you are just getting more perasan since became a CJ… you think rub shoulder with CM very terrer already hor….. Wake up la lilian.

  11. Eh toolan2 or is that mL – If you want to be anon, be more creative lah. Find your own name lah, don’t copycat my regular readers’ nickname.

  12. Fully agree with CIN.
    First attracted to your site because you are you.. now it’s like reading Malaysiakini. Seems like you ARE working now , no wonder that day your blog sapu-ing the makciks that choose not to work loh…

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