Let me diss some stupid morons first

I got a neighbour. He lives on the ground floor. His car is parked just outside his apartment unit. He doesn’t work, or at least, I see him around the house, in his apek shorts and big belly hanging around all day. His wife works, wearing plus-size expensive clothes cos I see the brands hanging on their laundry.

And they have three grown kids. And they have a maid. Cos they are richer than me. Or maybe less efficient than me.

And this poor Indonesian maid got to wash their blary Honda Civic EVERY SINGLE MORNING! And without fail! Every single morning. WTF.

Now, what he wants to do with his maid is non of my blardy business of course.

But the amount of water wasted every morning to wash a car that does not even go out much?

Or maybe he just enjoys his maid slugging over the car so that he can sees her butt crack?

I don’t know lah, I just want to rant about people who abuses their maids to wash cars even when the cars are not dirty.

Bah…so much for love thy neighbour as you love yourself.

15 thoughts on “Let me diss some stupid morons first

  1. Hahaha..thats hilarious….its really such a waste of water! not very environmental concern…….i pity the maid too…..i wonder how much is their water bill since mine is free!

  2. Foong – I wanted to rant long long liao. Today I got to make a longer detour to avoid stepping on the puddle of water mah. Kanasai, some people really inconsiderate one lor. Get the maid to wash then dry the car, got her all work out and toned up nice nice.

    The keeper – Dunno lor, but wasting water like that. Not just any water but clean water from the pipe, you know?

  3. Aiyo, maid’s butt crack….getting nightmares already! Maybe a horny old man? Your descriptions fit the profile leh!
    Don’t worry lah, something will come along, now just like writers block only mah…..
    Ha, ha, ha….maid’s butt crack!

  4. That’s why lar Penangites waste the most water compared to people in other states. They think water is cheap mah so they waste it lor. I also geram seeing people waste water and always hope that those people will one day end up in a desert and then realise how precious water is.

  5. Aha, maid’s butt crack? hahaha funny lar you. If pretty one ok lor. After reading your blog for so long, I’m now on form to update daily. Hmm.. you are my inspiration :O)

  6. toolan – She is petite and quite ok looking lor. If compared to the wife, like Miss Indonesia quality liao. *gee, I am so bitchy!*

    foong – Don’t say so loud, later they increase our water tariff.

    danny – Real one, she wears those low waist jeans, then she quite short, when want to reach the car rooftop, mah kena extend up lor.

  7. throw your neighbour to singapore.. i think ah , he wont even want to wash his underwear as often as his car now… hahahaha….

  8. first of all…welcome back!! i knew u cant stay away for long…hahaha

    i washed my own car…. literally wt 4 buckets full of water ony!! 1 with shampoo 4 car body, 1 for alloy wheels and then 2 to rinse!!!! no, i dun drive a kancil… it’s a proper family size saloon. it can be done, trust me.

    when I go home, i washed my mum’s car with hosepipe and asked the maid the do more important stuffs… like house chores!! and yes, I still make my own bed every morning.

  9. Same here with my neighbour. Every morning cuci kereta then cuci the dog without fail regardless whether they are dirty or clean.

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