I got a neighbour. He lives on the ground floor. His car is parked just outside his apartment unit. He doesn’t work, or at least, I see him around the house, in his apek shorts and big belly hanging around all day. His wife works, wearing plus-size expensive clothes cos I see the brands hanging on their laundry.

And they have three grown kids. And they have a maid. Cos they are richer than me. Or maybe less efficient than me.

And this poor Indonesian maid got to wash their blary Honda Civic EVERY SINGLE MORNING! And without fail! Every single morning. WTF.

Now, what he wants to do with his maid is non of my blardy business of course.

But the amount of water wasted every morning to wash a car that does not even go out much?

Or maybe he just enjoys his maid slugging over the car so that he can sees her butt crack?

I don’t know lah, I just want to rant about people who abuses their maids to wash cars even when the cars are not dirty.

Bah…so much for love thy neighbour as you love yourself.