Pencuri sohai

This is not some CJ reporting, ok? This one is some CB reporting.


Actually, I was sleeping when this happened. But hubby bought me curry mee from Lam Wah Ee hospital so I woke up and eat and listen.

Around 6.30 am this morning, someone rang the door bell. And I was sleeping. The person brought a pile of things belonging to my hubby. He or is it she (bah, I never ask male or female lah) said he or she is from the next apartment. As I was too busy enjoying my curry mee with huge prawns, I didn’t quite get it when my eldest son and hubby explained to me when I woke up.

The person actually traced the things like cheque book, diary, CD and etc belonging to hubby through a roster from my church, Holy Spirit. He/she is a Methodist. Go figure…why suddenly the religion masuk ini cerita gua pun tak tau. It’s a Christian thing lah, we seems to connect and God bless the kind samaritan.

Anyway, this person picked up those things strewn on an empty ground near their apartment, found a bulletin or is it a duty roster or something with my church’s logo and came to our guard house. Hmmmm…how did the guard know that Holy Spirit is our apartment unit? Bah…see? I am a bad detective and even worse journalist. I can’t seem to piece things together.


Well, apparently, some stupid thief broke BOTH our car windows, took the laptop bag which contains no laptop. Not satisfied, broke the front passenger window and dig out the glove compartment stuffs. Ok, I am not sure sohai thief broke the back or the front window first. Anyway, what difference does it make, right? Front first or back first or both at the same time.


Of course, partly my hubby’s fault lah. He go and put a laptop bag for all to see and tempted the thief. Hubby thought thieves are not so stupid to think that people are so stupid to leave laptops around for all to see.

Anyway, the thief only take one Maybank cheque book but left another bank cheque book which was thrown and found. And the Maybank has no money inside. Hubby has cancelled the cheque book, made a police report and sent the car for insurance claim. With both windows and tinting, it will costs at least RM500. Since my eldest son is on semester break, the car can stay in the workshop for a while.

Sekian, berita pagi ini.

Moral of the story : Want to be thief, go find nicer car to steal from lah. At least steal the CD player or nice sports rim. Go steal from a family man’s family car which has nothing inside. Waste time, earn bad karma for nothing.

22 thoughts on “Pencuri sohai

  1. OMG!!!!!!! Sure itu drug addict punya kerja one!!
    Crazyyyy sungguh..but where was the guard when the thief broke ur loukong’s car??

  2. kadusmama – We have 3 cars and only 1 (my Viva) is in the apartment grounds. The rest of the cars are parked outside.

  3. Make a windscreen claim, NCD is not affected.

    Please take note that the windscreen claim also covers the tinting films.

  4. i dun understand why the sohai thief need to break two windows arr??? not break one, can open door alraedy meh? menyusahkan only… sure damn kau bad karma one..

  5. redbabe – Cos the alarm will sound if he opens the door. And maybe he tulan-ed after he found an empty bag so he tried his luck with the glove compartment. Just to get even for wasting his time with an empty bag, he whacked one more window lor. Lucky we are covered by insurance so tak sakit lah.

  6. wrong place at the wrong time. you husband needs to be shot for leaving the bag visible !! if i c it, i’d be tempted to smash yr windows too…may be there are some eason’s type phtos in tht computer to be had…kekekek

  7. Quote of the day that I learn from this site: Earn bad karma from nothing.

    Nice one!

  8. Aiyooh!
    This country begining to go down da drain. Yah, go and ‘import’ many more of those foreigners to work in the construction industries. Many come but did not go back. So where got job? Break into cars! Steal, rape, rob……..
    Malaysia Boleh!

  9. More bad news, dadah problem is getting worse by the year. PEMADAM’s and AADK’s (Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan) vision is Malaysia would be “drug-free” by 2015.
    And with the other problems mentioned by Donald, think crime rate is going up.

  10. just wonder if anyone being snatch for bringing DSLR???? i am very concern about it because i am moving back to m’sia and i am going to bring my most valueable thing with me most of the time…..

  11. one time, another friend’s car also kena.. the sohai frustrated only found one handphone la… whacked the windscreen, punched all four tyres and cut the canvas roof also… i think high on drugs…jealous ppl drive sports car kua..lols

  12. 3 years ago, i experience same thing. but this stupid ass thief kan very kejam. took 2 child seat, LCD screen…to be conclude everything la and cut seat belt . till now, i wish those stupid ass thief kan. mati kena gelek lorry. total lost is 5000, cos must buy 2 new child seat, must pasang 2 new seat belt… and off course the radio kena pasang baru.. they took that one too. habis barai my car..

    BTW, those with DSLR becarefull.. because mat drug might tempted for that one. they re-sell for few hundred.

  13. kadush itu penchuri bengong punya lah haprak hahaha

    kesian sama you kena repair ni semua haiyooohhh…

    prawn curry get from where i rindu penang food lah wei!

  14. There you are, a new topic for your Citizen Journalism. Perhaps, something like citizens’ views and fears of the increasing crime rate.

    Jasmine, I’ve heard of a friend’s DSLR together with the tripod it was sitting on, snatched by someone who pretended to be jogging by early one morning last year.

  15. That is why when something like this happens, I really appreciate countries like Saudi or any of the Islamic countries where they will chopped off these “sohai” hand……some people will say I am nuts or extremists but tell me again when this kind of thing really happen to you or your family…..”pin don’t prick your skin, you won’t know the pain”…, luckily no one got hurt, that’s most important!

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