The day I was ‘molested’ by a woman

By now, you probably heard that I went to KL last weekend to attend some talk and went to some spa to do so.


Well, it is work and it is paying me. But this post is not about the work I am supposed to do or the spa where I went. This is about how I got molested by a woman. How for the first time in my entire life, I have to strip naked in front of another woman. How I was so awkward and clumsy with a sarong and I probably would have fallen off the massage table, and strangled to death by a sarong. Imagine the headlines…”Naked blogger strangled to death by sarong, found under massage table”


The only massage I ever had was one of those Thai massages by the beach at Patong, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui. One doesn’t need to strip naked, you know? And it is done in broad daylight, with either a boyfriend or husband around. But this one different lah.

The spa is really cosy and plush. I am lucky to be in the room with someone who also have never gone for such massage. So, both of us, faced each of our wall and get down to wearing the sarong.

I went in to the room first and the nice,pretty, sexy Indonesian masseur told me to change to sarong. She went out, leaving me alone in the dark room with nice incense smell. I chased after her and whispered, “Tukar semua? Seluar juga?” She replied me, “ya…..panty jugak” OMG, then only I knew what I was in for…Die lah, mana mau lari…


I was then asked to lie face down on the massage table. They have a hole for the face to snuggle in lah. And jeng, jeng, jeng…the masseur came to me. She asked me, “Pertama kali?” I told her, “Ya…saya tak suka orang pegang saya….” (I mean to say I don’t like people touching me) And I laughed my stupid laugh, hoping to cabut lari.

But I was at her mercy. And she is gooooood…..Though so petite, her touch was really full of power and strength. Soon, the 30 minutes was over…and I wish it was longer.

Then, I got downstair and a guy (who is from the company that ‘hires’ me) asked, “So, you had one of those sensual massage?” I broke into laughter, “Nolah! Relaxing massage. Aiyerr…sensual? Give me a male masseur lah, then only can have sensual one.” Damn, I think I am turning lesbian.

16 thoughts on “The day I was ‘molested’ by a woman

  1. Welkam back!!!

    I had a lymphatic massage years ago done by a man. Also stripped naked leh. ewww…….. Couldn’t relax, sked he ‘jab’ me. LOL

  2. Apa nama – Cilaka, welkam bek from where? I came back one week liao. I like the massage lor but I don’t like the idea of being touch by a woman.

  3. How much is the massage? So far I went to one in Penang during CNY. RM40 for 1 hr. If want ahem services extra dunno how much lor. Hmm.

  4. *O* I was a massage virgin 2 yrs ago. 2 cover my embarrassment being naked, I kept my eyes tightly closed throughout the session. The worst part was, my nipples was paying rapt attention when d masseur was giving the breast a firm-up massage >_<

  5. RO – Ewwwsss…I only had my back massage. I should have mentioned that but I thot most massages only cover the back portion. Aiyor…I didn’t know can roam until so far one.

    danny – I don’t know the cost. Got ahem services somemore. Wuah. Tell what is ahem service.

  6. Good to hear you tried.
    I loves massage esp. deep tissue massage (pls dun think dirty lar) šŸ™‚
    Strong and serious in business thai, indonesian and malay masseurs are my favs.
    Local/import Chinese masseurs are very lazy, arrogant and not dedicated to the job, just want to finish job quickly. Ever heard of a masseur talking over handphone while massaging? Feel like giving her a taekwando kick.
    Some masseurs are cunning, they would slack when they think you are asleep. Instead of massaging, it would simply be light touches.

  7. Ya, damn dangerous lor. We the end of the 1 hr, she did ask me whether i want or not. Of cos i say no! šŸ™‚ massage also so so nia. I guess this place only caters for those chee ko pek. Will nvr return there anymore. Any good massage spa in Pg?

  8. It’s good to have a body massage once in a month for better blood circulation, better body posture (slimming massage) and relaxation. All in all, all hardworking women deserve it!

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