Gerakan Youth kena si khiao-khiao LOL

I am surprised my blog still has the Midas touch where search results are concerned. Few days ago, I wrote about Gerakan Youth. Now, that post is on the 3rd position, with Gerakan main site as 1st and 2nd.


I find it sooooo funny because that post on Gerakan Youth is going to float up like some dead, rotting fishes each time people wants to search for Gerakan Youth website. It stinks, it won’t go away and it will be floating there always.

*laughing hard and thumping table in victory*

Next, I want you guys to see something funny in the above video. I am not talking about Lim Si Pin who is Lim Kheng Yaik the goldfish lips ahpek son. Though Jeff Ooi said he Buat Malu Manusia, I got no comment. Oh no…I dare not say anything about that lauyeah lau fu tzi spectacles and his ‘I am so sked of everything, I must do everything by law’ (pthooi, no need to become politician lah, like that so sked). But watch the interview. Towards the middle, you will notice a sweet leng lui. Her name is Emily Chow from Malaysiakini. She is the angel who writes articles based on our citizen journalist videos.

But that’s not my main point. Notice when Lim Si Pin started coughing and every reporters around him cabut including Emily. LOL, itu lah, if you have nothing intersting to say, the sky god says shaddap already, give you cough so the reporters all cabut lari, sked of H1N1. And notice the videographer at the end of the video is already adorning a gas mask, ready for tomorrow ISA march.

Those of you who are in KL who are going to the anti-ISA march, please equip yourself with wet towel, salt and plenty of drinking water. Be alert of your surroundings and stay away from burly guys because they are sometimes SB so don’t get too near them cos when they are ready to pounce, at least you are not within arm’s reach.

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