I interviewed Ms. Tan Hoon Cheng few days ago. I am humbled by her strength and most of all, her forgiving nature. She bears no animosity towards Ahmad Ismail while I am still terribly annoyed to see that face. For that, I truly salute Hoon Cheng.

On and off, I do meet Hoon Cheng when we cover press conferences. She is one of the several senior reporters who displays charisma, self-assurance, wisdom and grace.

This video was picked up by Malaysia-Today and so far, there has been over 8K views. It is yet to be published on Malaysiakini.tv. I hope people who had watched the video will support the call to our government to abolish ISA and find a more humane law to deal with those who really need a tougher sentence. Otherwise, many individuals like Hoon Cheng can and will be detained without trial.

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