Tan Hoon Cheng – ex-ISA detainee

I interviewed Ms. Tan Hoon Cheng few days ago. I am humbled by her strength and most of all, her forgiving nature. She bears no animosity towards Ahmad Ismail while I am still terribly annoyed to see that face. For that, I truly salute Hoon Cheng.

On and off, I do meet Hoon Cheng when we cover press conferences. She is one of the several senior reporters who displays charisma, self-assurance, wisdom and grace.

This video was picked up by Malaysia-Today and so far, there has been over 8K views. It is yet to be published on Malaysiakini.tv. I hope people who had watched the video will support the call to our government to abolish ISA and find a more humane law to deal with those who really need a tougher sentence. Otherwise, many individuals like Hoon Cheng can and will be detained without trial.

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2 thoughts on “Tan Hoon Cheng – ex-ISA detainee

  1. change the hair style, put on contact lens n i’ll be her new fansee!

    dun u all get it?? UMNO wil never abolish ISA as long as they r in power. there may be 0000’s of protest but it’s naive to think tht they will listen to the call fr public. if they change it, i’ll shave my head n run naked!

  2. I just saw the news on tv and only see police arresting the anti-ISA protestors whereas none of the pro-ISA protestors were arrested. Remember the 50 or so pro-ISA protestors in front of Komtar the other day. How come none were arrested? I remembered attending one of the anti-ISA candle light vigils at Esplanade and the organiser was arrested.

    Nvm, come next GE we the rakyat will make sure that the ISA will be reprieved and the end of UMNO/BN rule….

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