D-Day at Kampung Buah Pala

I am editing my video and while waiting for the clips to download and etc, let me update those who are interested to know about Kampung Buah Pala. Note that this is my personal opinions and observations.

(bunch of photos I took with camera bcos I want to conserve video camera battery)

9.00 am – I got to Kampung Buah Pala and see the same thing that I had seen so many times. It is almost like a bad re-run of the movie Groundhog Day. Citizen journalists Shan and Jimmy were there as well. So, I ffk-ed to Komtar because it was so hot. I wore an old-t-shirt and pants with muddy sports shoe (from my last visit to KBP) but lucky I have a coat in my car. I attended the CM’s press conference because I want to hear what’s his latest comment on the village.

10.00 am – Press conference by CM Lim that drags on…..over another issue. I got an SMS and at the same time the other reporters nudged me as well. The people from KBP are going to Komtar to protest.

Finally CM talked about Kampung Buah Pala.

11.00 am – I ran down to the 3rd floor. I caught T. Mohan of MIC and asked him about the three MIC councillors who approved the sale of the land. CM mentioned three names so I wanted to verify with MIC themselves. T. Mohan got very excited and without risking getting punch, I cut short my interview. He was so over the top with ‘election promises made by Anwar Ibrahim and Rayer’. I wanted to ask him, ‘What about election promises by Samy Vellu, Koh Tsu Koon and etc?’

11.15 am – Ran further down to the ground floor and a lot of orange t-shirts MIC Youth (hmmm…Hindraf also orange?) and some villagers were chanting slogans and demanding Lim Guan Eng letak jawatan….

11.30 am – Police siren rang out really loud. OCS of Petani Road gave warning to them to disperse in 10 minutes.

I phoned my kid’s kindie teacher and told her to get lunch for my little boy and tell him mommy is going to be late. I told my boy early in the morning. “Mommy later go Kampung Buah Pala, if they no fight, I come pick you early. If they fight, I come later, ok?” LOL. My kid also know KBP.

11.35 am – Lagi lima minit lagi, bersurai atau tangkapan …..(something like that lah). Wuah, the team of police all handsome-handsome one…

11.40 am – The protestors disperse…

11.45 am – I pi makan nasi kandar kat depan sana tu….RM9.50 plus parking RM5. That’s the cost I had spent to bring you this.

Say terima kasih, please.

12 thoughts on “D-Day at Kampung Buah Pala

  1. Thank you!

    wah…seems like your little one is more updated with the political issues than I do. hehehe….

  2. toolan – No sotong also. Cilaka nasi kandar darn expensive, cost me RM7.60 I think. Only bayam, some tiny shrimps and some lousy, tiny telor sotong. Plus one Nescafe ice and a few sweets I bought for my son. All RM9.60.

  3. hoyohoyo – Go watch my next video. MIC youth said, let BN rule, sure kau tim. Yeah..rite…kautim by bulldozers got lah.

  4. Yalor, sure kautim. Give them 1K each, then take them in for “bribery investigation”, then MACCed or C4ed them.

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