I interviewed T. Mohan today because earlier, I attended a press conference by CM Lim where CM mentioned three names from MIC, one who was an Exco and the other two who were MPPP councillors. I wanted to clarify if it is true that MIC through Barisan Nasional approved the transaction.

So, Mohan tried to ‘you must understand’ when I actually understand much more than him because I had been listening and reading about the Kampung Buah Pala issue. He claimed Teng Hock Nan too was trying to fight for the villagers. Like wth? Does T. Mohan think I come out from a cave? They sold the land, approved the development and then, they claimed they will fight for the villagers? The original compensation offered to the villagers by the Barisan Nasional state gov. was only RM90K. Which is why the villagers refused.

Now, the new state government has almost gotten the developer to give these villagers a landed property (which easily can costs RM400K in that area), a corner of the land and also a community hall. Yet, these villagers do not want that. Or rather, the political parties will not allow them to have this. The political parties are trying to get the state government to let the whole village, with its 24 houses to stay intact.

CM Lim has said again and again that they cannot go against the Federal Court order. Though CM Lim can settle the issue with a ‘stroke of a pen’ fairy tale ending, he said he cannot let the 1.5 million Penangites down by taking away 1/4 of our budget to let the 24 houses stand.

I am just so, so speechless at the kind of wayang kulit played by MIC.