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It’s about foods and kids

I know some of my blog readers are so afraid of politics. Never mind, I am being kind today. I will not torture you peeps with politics.

It is all about foods and a few pics of my handsome kids. The photos were taken over the weekend. Char koay teow hawker is from Kimberly Street. The wester food restaurant is from Upper Penang Road. The handsome boy in orange is from my womb.

Tuesday morning – I am going to Kampung Buah Pala again. They claim the bulldozers will go to the village to demolish. I hope it is just a threat.

7 Responses to “It’s about foods and kids”

  1. Why the ‘fat noodle hokkien char’ so much gravy? FAIL!!!

  2. Lilian, really luv you combine all the photo. Really awesome. That char kuey tiau…really look very tempted.

  3. Now you torture me with the food~

  4. Ah CKT…nice but not filling for me ler. 3 Plates also cannot full ah

  5. Is this one of the best char kuey tiau in Penang? If so, must remember loh…

  6. were u from cls to the bros’ school ?
    sister lilian chan.

    me – bro lau-hor school

  7. sister lilian chan,

    were u from cls to bro’ lau-hor school ?
    God bless