Kampung Buah Pala is safe, for the time being

This is another, unofficial reporting, with salt and pepper added, ok?

9.00 am : I got to Jalan Kaki Bukit and lots of police cars and police personnels were there. I know, ‘Oh oh…demolition coming.’ The road is closed so I parked my car far away. I saw several groups of Indian men hanging around the roads, looking quite the ‘tough’ ones.

Emotions are running high. Prof. Ramasamy was there and Mr. Draviam, the old gentleman who usually wears a batik was crying. I really pity him. He is very sad to be uprooted from the land, for its sentimental reasons.

10.00 am : I jalan-jalan, filming the lovely villagers who didn’t join the human barricade on the road. There are children barricade, women barricade, men barricade and bullock cart barricade.

10.00 something : I was getting bored and about to go home. Then, MIC Murigivalan and Suresh (need to check the name again) held a press conference. I asked a few questions like ‘Why sold the land then?’ when he talked about how MIC wouldn’t have let this happen. He also claimed that MIC together with all the NGOs are willing to buy up the land for the villagers. This time, all the reporters grilled him if they are willing to cough up RM150 million. I asked, “Did Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu gave you the mandate to negotiate?” Then, somehow,they said ‘This is because they are Indians’ and asked if we agree or not. (Indians being neglected). I told him, “You are being racist.” I think I also asked why not ask Najib to buy the land?

And I think I was more citizen than journalist then. Who cares…I heard people shouting behind me about Maika shares as well.

11.00am : The press conference with the MIC chaps were cut short because Hindraf people told us there is a team of demolition crew outside. So, all of us ran to find out. Me thinks Hindraf is pissed with MIC for their last minute drama.

Then, on the villagers side, they were forming human barricade. Men in front, women and children at the back. They held some prayers.

11.30 am : More activities including CPO arrived, court bailiff arrived, Prof. Ramasamy came again and finally, we heard that there will be no demolition till further notice, on 18 August. I can’t quote the exact reason but it is a court order where no demolition can takes place for the time being.

12 noon : I went to pick my boy and we had chicken rice, curry mee, fresh orange and ice-cream soda.

The end…

11 thoughts on “Kampung Buah Pala is safe, for the time being

  1. MIC funny? They better be serious. Enough of 18 years of nonsense and time for them to “undur”

  2. Hi Lilian, your boy is sooo cute! … sorry my comment is some how not relevant to your post 🙂

  3. MIC is useless!!! Drama here drama there only. Tong Kosong!!!
    Hindraf also the same!!!

    All going to Kg Buah Pala because of the media attention. Woi!!! There are lots more unfortunate Indians in Malaysia lah!!! wtf!!! What are you doing for your people???

    Why is Najis keeping quiet?? 1malaysia my ass lah!!! Just because Penang is under PR, he waiting for the shit to hit the fan. Najis is racist!!!

  4. Don’t you feel tired following the issues? I am exhausted… These villagers are so poor thing and yet I don’t quite understand why they chose to believe those stupid NGOs and political parties… sigh…

  5. again today..the helicopter is hovering low around gelugor. TV3 wan kah? but didn’t see any TV3 or RTM sign on the heli. I’m tired of listening to those nonsense MIC guys lar. Only think about their pockets than their own race. What a sad thing.

  6. I just realised something..

    Lets not kid ourselves Nusmetro is a UMNO-BN crony which means that if they go ahead with the demolition, UMNO-BN will have just sealed their fate in Penang and possibly Perak for the next GE..

    If they go ahead with the demolition, LGE will keep his promise and won’t let approve the permits. In the next GE, all he has to do is blow up a big picture of the demolition of Kampung Buah Pala and ask voters if they can let Nusmetro built the condos.. I don’t think Penangites will allow it. BN can spin it all they want but few will buy his argument – especially the Chinese votes..

    Its also likely to spill over to Perak where they are still mad at UMNO-BN. So Perak is guranteed to go back to PR..

    UMNO/BN is a dumb ass for NOT stopping it and just leaving it to the impotent MIC to handle it. They really can’t wash their hands of it because the main guy behind Nusmetro is an UMNO man…

    This is so stupid…

  7. watch this space, the kampung will go, if not today…..it will eventually. LGE rejects planning permission? well the constructor will sure go to court and they will win.

    I hope all need now is to concentrate on rehousing the villagers appropriately.

    and next time, I wish to see all the journalists (citizen or not) stand together and give anyone a really really hard time whenever a politician talks nonsense.

  8. JT – Well…the CM has given them a very good choice. What we heard are (not confirmed sources) is a double-storey house, in a corner of the same land, some green grass for the cows and also a community hall. They are still arm-twisting the developer. Unfortunately, the villagers do not want and insisted to remain status quo, all 24 houses.

  9. it seems someone is trying to squeeze water out of a stone. what LGE has offered according to LC is just too good an offer if the developer agrees on the terms. I hope the inhabitants will realise this. There are no 2 ways, their present houses will hav to go.

    Just remember who were the one tht sold the land, not PKR!!

    also, msg to MIC youth, if u r so truly genuinely and honestly concerning abt the inhabitants, what is so wrong abt working with the CM?? I just don understand his mentality?? there should not be indians, chinese or malays…. there are all Malaysians!

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