Latest videos on Kampung Buah Pala

Here are two videos I made today.

Video One – Villagers having barricade to stop demolition

Video Two – Journalists Q&A with MIC Youths

And lastly, this video by Indra and Maran, who are our sifus from Malaysiakini. Note that I did not make the below video. It is done by professionals. But it is a beautiful video. 5xmom says… ‘When I grow up, I want to make videos like Indra and Maran!”

6 thoughts on “Latest videos on Kampung Buah Pala

  1. 2nd video . Makes one wonder whether the mic fellows are sincere in helping the villagers or are they out to make life difficult for PR ? Hey, go negtiate with the developer lah, if you are sincere. Can’t see the logic of he saying LGE must do it . May be I miss out some of his points? Or does he have any point at all ? LOL

  2. your voice is so mmm…..what’s word…unique, and it woke me up having nearly dozed off listening to the babbling fr tht MIC chap. Utterly nonsense fr them. You should have tembak the 2 kuat kuat. he wants to pressure najib, u think the GE is next month ah?? like he cares. Gila!

    political party based on skin colour is fundamentally WRONG!!

  3. Talk crap that only Penang can negotiate with developer.. These MIC people don’t get it they look selfish, sad and pathetic..

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