It has been a long time…..I remember how I wickedly pwnd the keyword Chua Soi Lek sex tape many moons ago. I did it because I was and still am an expert in SEO or search engine optimisation. Right now, I can easily attract traffic for Rosmah diary or Rosmah blog to my blog but heh, I don’t want to be associated with bee hive hair nor be mistaken for her.

Anyway…I haven’ seen or heard Chua Soi Lek for a while now. Today, there is a video of his press conference. And you know what? After I finished downloaded it, I just can’t bring myself to watch or listen to what he has to say.

The images the size of a mobile phone video screen still looms large in my mind. Urrgggh…I guess some things just don’t leave our memories. Like the Hokkien he uttered. Ok, ok, I better don’t elaborate further. I better be thankful that at least I am not assigned to cover any press conference by Chua Soi Lek. Otherwise, how lah?

The thing is, sometimes, we married women are just afraid to confront such things. Don’t be mistaken. I have no problem watching any action like what CSL did. Oh no, those are normal stuffs…..But hor, the scary part is we can identify ourselves there. No, no, no…not the ‘personal friend’ part.

I am sure many married women too have that kind of insecurities of our aged, old, thought-to-be-impotent LOLOLOLOL husband finding a personal friend on the side.

Before Chua Soi Lek, it never occurs to me that old men cheat as well. Of course, we hear of gossips like those. But without a visual image and a verbal ‘ai choot’ talking part, it is hard for me to relate old men with sex. Now, after CSL, I see every old man as a potential sex predator looking for personal friends. *bangs table, laughing too hard*

Whenever I do my grocery shopping in Tesco on weekdays mornings, I bump into plenty of old men like CSL’s age and oh my goodness, I just wonder……wonder…..are they still in service? See? Terrible, right? CSL has crashed all our lovey-dovey expectations and imaginations of growing white hair together. CSL has forced the reality into our Chinese women’s minds. We know Caucasian men like Bill Clinton cheats. But a Cina apek too?

Damn….I think I better transfer more properties and bank accounts into my name and my kids’ name before my dear hubby reach CSL’s age. Then, at least I know, die I also rich, no die I also rich. Hahahaha.