Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

  • Just got home fm Komtar abt Kg Buah Pala n now going to the kpg for another PC. I am now self-declared expert already. Ask me anything LOL #
  • U all non-halal Selangorians, come live in Penang lah, plenty of booze, babi and babes LOL #
  • Wow, they need to hire me. It is DOUBLE-STOREY n 24 four houses, 1,400 sq ft built-up on 1,200 land area. How can make mistake one? h … #
  • Bernama spewed, Msian Insider, NST, hampalang also wrong lor #
  • Scream 'death threat' when you can't win to let ppl doubt about your enemy #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Kampung Buah Pala – Final solution? #
  • My right eye can't stop twitching. Go ask yr grandma what it means in Chinese myths. Me no grandmama ler. #
  • Freaking eye, stop twitching will you? #

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