The time now is 10.20 pm

I am sooo sleepy.

I want to go to sleep.

But I have an advertorial to complete tonight

I want my mommy……

Give me a bottle of Nescafe on IV, please

And this Streamyx speed is driving me insane

It took me so long to download some photos for my advertorial

I got a new aircond today but the weather played me out and the temperature is already so cold minus aircond

(and hor, this is my cheque from Malaysia’s best-est ad company. and hor, I have to pay income tax and so do you for these sort of income, ok?)

I am seriously thinking of subscribing to DIGI mobile broadband so that when Streamyx screws up, which they do very often, at least I have another broadband to rely on

I notice I can write, crap, blog better when I am not sitting at my desk at home

Maybe I should also get a netbook or whatcallit those tiny laptop, complete with mobile broadband

Wuah, then, I can squat under the trees at Kampung Buah Pala and update from there. Right now, I am using my handphone and it is so hard to type using the QWERTY keypad under hot sun cos I can’t see due to glare

Yeah, talking about that, folks, please pray for peace, for wisdom and for hardened hearts to soften

I don’t care what gods you believe or pray to, just send some good vibes, ok

The villagers have until 12 noon on Friday to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Oh yeah, send good vibes to me too, please. Just in case….

7 thoughts on “The time now is 10.20 pm

  1. You lucky, feeling sleepy, I cannot sleep, aiyah….
    Anyway, here’s my prayers to the people of Kg.Buah Pala….
    *Nam Mo, Nam Mo O Mi Toh Fut***Ping ping ann ann****
    All will work out peacefully and nobody gets hurt tomorrow…..

  2. Hmmm, just read Anil’s blog….he highlighted some very “fishy” matters concerning Kg.Buah Pala’s land transactions….anyway, not much can be done now….just hope for the best outcome with no blood shed…

  3. toolan – BUT from day one I have already been putting millions of video that there is something fishy! Why now only you realised after reading Anil’s blog? You are very puzzling lah. First, you don’t know Hishamuddin is the Home Minister and Muhiyiddin is the DPM and also Education minister. Now, you seem to like never watch any of the videos I made on Buah Pala and all those posts that I had been trying to explain the situation. Then, why you bother to leave comment lah. *strangles self with mouse cable and swears to close comment totally*

    Apa Nama – You got read LKS’s blog post? Someone asked me why I never spare two condoms LOL along with the gas mask. (actually, I never bring those lah, just for fun only) I wanted to reply but sked LKS not used to my style of talking.

  4. Eh, that figure in the cheque is exactly my monthly contribution to EPF. *Must buy KTM* (As usual 10% winning to you).

    3868, 3868, 3868

    Shoot only lah, Who cares what LKS thinks! wtf!!

  5. If the Streamyx speed is driving you insane already.. Just to remind you dont expect much on the wireless broadband long as you are in Malaysia.. all the broadband connection really sucks! From Webbit, Maxis, and now i’m using celcome usb modem wireless broadband.. sucks! syiok syiok can msn, syiok syiok login also fail.. haii sienz..

  6. LOL….sorry lah, not that I did not get it from your blog, just did not comment only on those that were featured here. Just like this “fishy” business I read from Anil’s blog, I did not comment in his blog but commented in yours loh…so when I read yours I commented on other blogs mah…..spread the message mah…Anil’s got some figures this time anyway which is good to know also lah…
    Then I also thank you for updating my CPU(my brain in case you misunderstood me)on Hisham and DPM mah, my CPU still holding grudges on Hisham when he was the Edu.Minis mah….

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