Wonder why I have 188 drafts?

I checked my WordPress dashboard and notice I have 188 draft blog posts that I did not publish. I wonder why?

It means, for 188 times, I had tried to say something but I didn’t.

I didn’t because I probably felt my thoughts are lame;
or too emotional which makes me vulnerable;
or too confrontative which makes me look like I am PMS-ing or even worse, menopausing;
or too inconsequential which makes me look petty and dumb;
or too commercial which makes me appear greedy for money;
or too revealing which is a bad thing to reveal you are lazy slob or insensitive bitch;
or whatever reasons that I cannot recall now.

I am going to declare Thursday as lepak Thursday. No more boring press conference, no more action drama Kampung Buah Pala, no more video editing and no more things that look remotely like work…..until Friday when there may be another demolition versus police versus human barricade….. This time, I am going to apply SPF50 sunblock. The other day I had the indignity of covering my head and face with a polka dot face towel because it was really hot, ok?

On Thursday morning, I am going to drop my kid at kindie, go to the wet market and have breakfast and buy some vege and fish for cooking and do what housewives do. Actually…what do housewife do? Other than fold laundry, prepare meals, keep kids clean, give sex….LOL

I don’t mingle with the neighbours because I don’t get out of my apartment to dry clothes.
Hubby does. He used to dry clothes in the sun when he wasn’t working and he would chat with my next door Indian neighbour, next next door Indian Muslim neighbour and other next door Chinese neighbour. I am not talking about male neighbour but female neighbours, ok?

The funny thing is, he can chats all he want. But imagine if we turn the roles around and I am happily drying clothes in the sun like Cinderella (oh wait, it’s Snow White or is it Sleeping Beauty?) and chatting with male neighbours from around the block? With the tiny blue birds fluttering and singing, “I am dreaming, I am hoping…some day my prince will come….” That’s unthinkable, isn’t it? The world is not fair, right?

There is this stupid notion that if you chat too long with a male, you probably have something going on. Of course, hubby’s conversation is only limited to, to….to….errrm..actually, I don’t know wth he talked with them cos most of the time, I was away at Mt. Miriam when I was volunteering there. Now that he has gone back to work 9-5 pm, I won’t be able to find out. Anyway, those are old ladies, lah. Adoi…you think I leave my husband with sexy, hawt, syt neighbours meh? Later, they say their pipe block lah, their tap leaking lah, their door needs lub lah…and ask hubby to help screw, lub and what what for them, how? If Chua Soi Lek did it, so will all men, ok? Get that into your skulls, women. Learn to be more pro-active, ok?

Anyway, I digress. My original point was to talk about the unpublished 188 posts in my Drafts. But I decided to entertain the housewives today and feed on their imaginations a bit.

*hands out popcorn and coke and leave the stage for Terence and JT to stir shit a bit. Woi, the two of you, go start some flames lah, boring wei*

**ADDED : Got this from Dr Lo Lo’s blog :

Woman of the day
Quote of the Day

Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.

If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby.

If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal.

If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

posted by dr. lo’lo’ bt dato’ hj. mohamad ghazali at 12:00 am

6 thoughts on “Wonder why I have 188 drafts?

  1. Just wondering..
    If you cover your face with a polka dot face towel, did your face end up with some lighter spots with other part of the face tanned?

  2. Yeah, Obnoxious mom is back……….**whistle teasing : phew-vit **
    No lah, your hubby will be having usual chat lah, what to eat lah, weather lah, which neighbor so and so lah, back problem lah, leg problem lah……..proactive? Then always have a bottle of WD40 at home……anything tight also can make loose one….he, he, he….but if clog or bocor issue, sorry lah….

  3. toolan – You totally missed the point. Totally. Who is talking about DIY job around the house lah? My goodness, I think I have wasted a perfectly good post with a perfectly bad ‘yet another missed the point comment.’

    aD – Are you trying to be funny or do you seriously think my polka dot towel is transparent where there are no dots? It’s a towel! Not lace hanky.

  4. Got siew lai lai asking husbands to fix their pipe lar, this lar that lar meh? I tot only movies ada la! Anyway, better watch out, if not later husband pun bo ki!

  5. danny – Chey, I damn proactive, where got sked such things one….But really one, got one widow hor…bait one person’s husband like that lor.

  6. Ha, ha, I got your point the first time……that is why the joke to use WD40 to “loosen” it if too tight, you know cannot fit….but if “clog” or “bocor” issue WD40 cannot help lah……
    Aiyah, now you make me draw picture draw until draw out intestine…..

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