Beware, media, our Information Minister is having a bad hair day

I tell you…..kalau lah saya CJ kat Kay El tu……nayah.
Sebab maklumlah, saya sebagai wartawan masyarakat memang expert panggang ikan, panggang sotong, panggang maciam-maciam lagi.

And tell me if publisiti doesn’t sound like pubic city?

Maybe, our Information Minister needs to go back to Basic Miss Manner class on dealing with media.

12 thoughts on “Beware, media, our Information Minister is having a bad hair day

  1. Omg, he is really rude. Lilian, guess what, I just googled to check how old is he. He is already 67-year-old. Sigh…I really wish that he can retire soon.

  2. Danielle – Yeah…I am sure he has never heard of Merdeka Review! (I heard the word Merdeka and guess the person is from Merdeka Review) And he is digging his own grave for snubbing the press cos press members are human and they do have feelings.

  3. Please go ask Rais, whether he, from his own pocket, pay for the software when it fails which it definitely will. Hell, I will go work on it if he promise to pay…

  4. I think I’ll vomit blood if I’m the reporter there, look at his lansi face when he was bashing the reporter. OMG!

  5. riz – I can’t get over how patronising he is. Like we parents tarak hotak langsung to guide our kids and need meddling old man like him to mengada-ngada. Ish.

  6. This guy gained my respect during his Segamat days but now that he is in BN he talk cock every time he opens his mouth. Even if one wants to get attention one must talk sensible, not rubbish. He is becoming one of the few clowns in the BN. I think you know who are they.

  7. LC,
    what would you have said if u were the reporter fr star?? prepare yrself… u will face wt the same situation one day.
    I like Jeremy Paxman, never lose his cool and always do his research!!. one scene i remembered very clearly is tht the leader of the conservative party tried to beat around the bush and avoid answer a question, this went on for like 10 minutes with J Paxman repeatedly asking him the very same question after every sentence. very funny.
    speaking abt negara maju, the media has the ability to bring down any politician, try emulate tht Rais. donkoi!

  8. JT – Well….anyone who doesn’t fall within my ‘idol’ category will get panggang lor, round and round with the same, “Why you sell the land? ” and “You are racist” over and over again until they spit on me or kick me out. (and I will retaliate a 100x) Meanwhile, those who are within my ‘idol’ category will get something like, “With due respect…”. You think I got sked of hierarchy when I know I am right one meh? Remember I am the Hainanese typhoon mah.

  9. More like having a bad male “PMS” day……
    From his facial and body language, it seems like he feels he is above everyone else in that room, and if he does not have the patients to take Q&A why bother inviting reporters?
    It is expected in all Q&A, there will be reporters that will throw in some other issues and a “seasoned” politician will know how to answer them gracefully…..and he is suppose to be the Information Minister?

  10. oh my god.. he is sooooo lansi… goodness!! who on earth he thinks he is to speak to reporters like he did.. bloody as$$hol3!!
    Idiot!! ..

    Sorry Lilian.. but just couldn’t control my anger la.. ashamed to have a minister like that.. ISH!

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