Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today confirmed media reports that the government was considering imposing an Internet filter to block “undesirable” websites.

However he stressed that the filter was only to stop the free access to pornography which was freely available online at present.

He denied that the Internet filtering – ala China – was to stop bloggers from inflaming racial sentiments.

“The bloggers will face the normal laws of the land (if they breach the laws,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today.

He said that the government was still studying the filtering process, adding that it would only be implemented once every aspect of it was fully considered.

Malaysiakini yesterday reported on the government’s plan to filter the Internet to maintain racial harmony.

“It is to keep out pornographic materials and bloggers who inflame racial sentiments. We need to maintain racial harmony. We cannot have full-blown democracy like in the United States,” an anonymous senior official with the National Security Council (NSC) was quoted as telling AFP in the report.


So what if I want to watch porn? I have my religion to curb me enough, I don’t need you to police over morality.

This is like the most money wasting, time wasting effort because there are so many ways people can get around to blocked websites. So, don’t waste our taxpayers money doing something silly.