Mr. Rice, you are not our father, ok?

Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today confirmed media reports that the government was considering imposing an Internet filter to block “undesirable” websites.

However he stressed that the filter was only to stop the free access to pornography which was freely available online at present.

He denied that the Internet filtering – ala China – was to stop bloggers from inflaming racial sentiments.

“The bloggers will face the normal laws of the land (if they breach the laws,” he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur today.

He said that the government was still studying the filtering process, adding that it would only be implemented once every aspect of it was fully considered.

Malaysiakini yesterday reported on the government’s plan to filter the Internet to maintain racial harmony.

“It is to keep out pornographic materials and bloggers who inflame racial sentiments. We need to maintain racial harmony. We cannot have full-blown democracy like in the United States,” an anonymous senior official with the National Security Council (NSC) was quoted as telling AFP in the report.


So what if I want to watch porn? I have my religion to curb me enough, I don’t need you to police over morality.

This is like the most money wasting, time wasting effort because there are so many ways people can get around to blocked websites. So, don’t waste our taxpayers money doing something silly.

16 thoughts on “Mr. Rice, you are not our father, ok?

  1. The rice orphan dinosaur does not know that an attempt to censor the internet is like trying to scoop up water using a sieve.
    Put on the Dunce cap and stand in the corner with Muhyiddin you dum dum

  2. You believe him or not, to curb porno sites woh! Like that, sooner or later many blog sites will get banned..
    OMG! cannot imagine they ban you…..NOOOOOO!!!!!!

  3. This seems to be their way of curbing “unwanted elements” from their “charges”. Another classic example is the banning of sales of alcohol in Malay areas in Selangor. This is soooo insulting and plain si-tu-pid. In the first place, value should be educated and instilled via religious teachings. And the people should be treated as matured adults. And if they don’t want to comply, they can still find ways to get what they want no matter how you try to impose control. *shake head*

  4. domino – Remember this is the Foreign Sinister who suggested that all women shouldn’t travel alone and need permission? Nay, you just Google his name and you will find it there. I love Google, Google loves me.

  5. vijay – Maybe he should elaborate further…any sites that portray certain sinisters’ sons partying around with hot chicks and alcohol in hand are considered ‘harmful element’ (to the sinisters, not us)

  6. #2 – Ini tanah air kita, bahawasahnya…kita negara setengah masak yang mempunyai pemimpin……(the rest I tell you personally lah)

  7. Ahahaah,Ala China woh..

    This is d excuse to block us watch porn,I think tats another bad excuse like last time our Home Minister said,ISA can protect ppl.


  8. i say let them ban…next time, they will say everyone shits only between 7-8am! knives kill ppl, why not ban them too?? donkoi!

  9. If they cannot even control their very own newspaper, Ugutan Malaysia, from publishing racist articles, why do they bother to censor blogs? Vote BN, this is what you get.

  10. Started already lor. Gutteruncensored not accessible liao. But I use my own jalan and still can log on wor.

    Ban all they want!!! Got jalan belakang lah!!! wtf!!!

  11. ceh!! make sure the police work better in curbing crimes la!! ceh ceh instead of catching rapists, they wan deprive ppl off their freedom of pornography…

  12. ya lor. So what if I want to watch porn? I like la… Not to say I will go track Rais down and rape him! Cheh! Madness!

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