An cua? Sui boh?

Ang ang boh hai lang. An cua? Sui boh?

Webmaster Bryan, see if this theme kicks up high CPU load or not, k? The php files si peh banyak, with so many ajax functions. I dunno what is ajax also lah.

I sleepy ledi, cannot add Adsense codes. So, you people go enjoy my blog without Google Adsense for one day. Better enjoy hor? Cos it costs me USD one.

And then, I dunno how to make my Youtube channel random.
*note to self – I must freaking stop making videos with the same face appearing again and again and again for the last dozen of videos. Mental note to self – Go out and breath some fresh air and take some new faces……*

But, but, but…in another 8 hours, I am going to film Gurney Drive mud with the same face again….Haih..wutudo…Gerakan, MCA, UMNO, MIC never give me their press conference schedules mah….

19 thoughts on “An cua? Sui boh?

  1. Apa Nama – I also hardly get Nuffnang ads cos local advertisers cannot stand my rate. One ad on my site can pay for 20 other sites. LOL. Must learn to be lansi like Rais Yatim when talking mah.

  2. Apa Nama – Eh, you no give face. Next time post lah ‘First!’

    make me feel like femes broggers mah

  3. Lilian, what time you post this one? I like to see the time la then know you still awake at 2am mah.

  4. Sui! Less image, loads pretty fast.

    I have to agree with Apa Nama about the NN ads. This problem happens to almost all sites with their ads. Some sites put the ads at the top of the blog, sekali whole blog blank they thought what happened.

  5. 9pek9bo – Aiyar…early-early Gerakan never tell me…..I just returned from Lim Guan Eng’s throw mud balls to save Penang from Pulau Pinang Darul Sampah image. My camera battery kaput-ed.

  6. Nice theme…

    Bersih…. Cekap….. Amanah

    Feels clean, professional and responsibility

  7. Waa, very nice, loads pretty fast using opera!
    Nice to have the links to ur other Blogs, miss them oredi!

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