You know, I am so stressed out with my computer that gives me problem at the last minute. I have barely 30 minutes more before I get out of the house and I am still sitting here waiting for my video to render.

So, let me rant a bit to de-stress. I just had two Ferrero Rochero and hope the chocolate takes effect soon.

Earlier this morning, the CM went to launch some mud balls throwing to ‘save Gurney Drive’. So, I asked him to take a few mud balls to juggle like those clowns in the circus who can juggle 6-7 balls at one time. But our dear CM cannot juggle balls.

Actually, it was just a trick for me to gauge his mood cos I was about to ask him many questions with regards to how Gurney Drive turned out so ugly and also about Kampung Buah Pala issue.

After I watched how Rais Yatim perli and make faces at reporters, I have became awfully afraid of opening my mouth in press conferences. So, it seems he is in a good mood. Maybe YB Betty is next to him so he is not biting reporters’ heads off like he sometime does.

I managed to wrangle out of him if the Kampung Buah Pala issues has any ‘ethnic relations’ because I know Chinese in Penang are very impatient and grumbling. I asked him if DAP has ‘crafted a strategy to make Chinese lose their sympathy’ like a claim I read. And no, I didn’t get scolded. If I dare to tell MIC they are racist, I also must be daring enough to ask the CM to comment on the same matter.

So, I am off to bath and change and hopefully my videos work. I have to teach catechism class today and being the most junior in terms of Bible knowledge and church history, I shall entertain the 13 years with videos I made. With them starring in the video. *prays really hard they enjoy the 1 hr 30 mins’ of not really learning anything about the Catholic faith but discovering they are all part of God’s plan. I pray harder they see faith the way I see it, a simple, “just do it”* I leave the Bible knowledge to the other three teachers.