Nizar coming to Penang – 16 Aug, Han Chiang

UPDATED : Youtube Nizar in Penang

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Yay! I finally get to meet the man himself.


Found the above banner at DAP ADun Air Putih’s service center.


Actually, I went to the mamak gunting rambut downstairs and saw the poster.


It is a DAP event. But who cares lah, I go only because of Nizar, the MB of Perak. People, if you are there, please make sure you take photo of me with Nizar ok?

It is next Sunday, 16 August, 2009 at Han Chiang, 7.30 pm. Yay, CJ has it’s privilege. I get to go up stage, down stage to take video. *mental note to self – This time, don’t be such a moron who ran out of battery just before the main speaker speaks. Conserve battery! Only shoot when necessary. And go up to stage, behind the speakers and capture the speakers’ back and the whole audience to get the impact of the crowd. Errm..not sure I dare to do so or not and not sure if the lansi DAP fellas will throw me off stage for getting close to their bosses. DAP fellas tend to look like Chinese show, that what-what name replacement something-something starring Chow Yuen Fatt*

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