Twitter Updates for 2009-08-09

  • I just met Uthayakumar n he said he watched my videos too! Anyway, I may not agree 100% with him abt kg pala but I admire him nevertheless. #
  • I asked Uthaya is there no way he can sit down n hv peace talk with LGE since he said they used to picket together. Nope, unless land back #
  • I asked if he is going to help campaign for Pmtg Pasir, either for BN or PR. LOL (yeah, I like stupid questions). He said he busy. #
  • But Uthaya said he hopes PR win. Btwm, I am taller than Uthaya! #
  • is 'iron-willing' her abt to get flu n sore throat to go away….Shoo…germs, shoo #

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