Mr Rais, you’re a disappointment

There is a letter from ‘someone’ on Malaysiakini.

I am very appalled at the manner which our Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim responded to press members regarding the proposed internet filter.
Firstly, as an information minister, he totally has no skills in dealing with the press. Making faces and chiding them are certainly uncalled for. If our country’s information minister cannot control his temper, what can we expect from all the others?

Secondly, the idea to filter the internet is an absurd one. It is also a time wasting effort. Then, let’s not get into the financial wastage because like all other projects, I guess it is going to be another one of those white elephants. In a country which cannot even provide decent broadband, why spend money on something that silly?

Thirdly, as a parent with three teenage boys and another younger boy, I find the minister very patronising. Who needs him to police morality? We live in a civilised world with proper religious foundation so we do not need you to watch over us like Big Daddy, Mr Minister. Thanks, but no thanks.

Fourthly, sometimes I wonder if we have a shortage of people to lead our country. May I remind my fellow Malaysians that this is the same minister who once advocated that all women who are travelling alone ought to get their family’s permission or these women may end up as drug mules. It was even quoted in the media that he would bring the matter to the Cabinet meeting. Yet, he is now holding yet another Minister position and coming up with yet another ‘brilliant’ idea.

Lastly, as a citizen journalist, I am terribly disappointed that our information and communication Minister has not even heard of citizen journalist. My fellow citizen journalists interviewed the honourable minister and he went…’Which one?’

He was clueless and bewildered until it was mentioned to him the word blogger and he went on with his ‘quagmire of untruths and half truths that will not be good for the civilisation’, ‘rudiments’ and other bombastic words.

With due respect, I hope our minister will update himself with more information and communicate better. Thank goodness that our honourable prime minister has denied that there is an effort to filter the internet.

11 thoughts on “Mr Rais, you’re a disappointment

  1. in a way, we should be thankful to have ministers like him..makes it easier for people to vote against barisan when we think of people like him..i sure hope he continues to make a fool of himself right up to GE13…!!

  2. When I watch tat video, I’m ashamed to have this kind of minister in our country! But the good thing is he provided a good comedy show for me!! hahaha

  3. jokes aside, most politicians hav no clue abt the real world outside their offices/palaces.

    may be najib needs to send these cowboys to overseas for yet another study trip?? may I suggest disney world in US? and I really mean it…. evidently, disney has a a brilliant record in dealing with ppl, media, clowns etc etc. disney always never fails to bring a smile not just on my son but the whole family.

    nev mind, CJ will gradually grow in strength. Rais didnt know it then but he sure knows it now.

  4. JT – There is a latest video about Rais Yatim cakap omputeh. You gotta watch it! I dare not put on site lah.

    Bryan – LOL my site is now #3 for his name. 1st and 2nd are Wikipedia. How’s that for SEO?

    Danny – The media is not going to forget the episode so easily.

    jeff – I don’t know if the Info minister’s position is cursed or what lor. Everytime there is an info minister, sure they become laughing stock like Rahmat, Zam….

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