Sei for means -die fire – in Cantonese. What does ‘die fire’ means? I think it means the light is going out, darkness or something like that.

ledi is just a stupid spelling for already. Boleh faham?

I am getting a sore-throat and I hope it doesn’t blow into a huge flu that rendered me voiceless.

I just finished editing the video I shot just now. I finally met Uthayakumar.

Though I may not like his views now nor agree with his points regarding Kampung Buah Pala, still I had once admired him. After he finished his speech, I went up to him, shook his hand and told him I am honoured to finally meet him. I told him when he was in ISA, I had prayed for his release, attended candlelight vigils and even blogged about him.

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He said he had watched my videos on Kampung Buah Pala. I am surprised and told him, “I hope I have been fair in reporting.” By now, everyone knows I am like LGE’s mouthpiece and #1 fan (still). Today, I met some new citizen journalists students and one said, “ are Lilian, the CM’s personal reporter.” Die lah. Another reporter once told me, “You…aiyah, you are CM’s people, what’s there to say…. (Lu si CM eh lang, mien kong liao).” (cos they asked me about my opinions on the village)

So, anyway..I don’t care what others said about Uthaya. I also don’t care what Uthaya said about CM Lim Guan Eng. Deep in my heart, I see two strong characters, fighting on different ends. Uthaya said he used to picket along with CM LGE. So, I asked him earnestly (and I was about to burst into tears due to the helpless situation and danger looming on the villagers) if there is ever a chance of him having a peace talk with CM. I had also asked CM if Uthaya has at any time, tried to communicate with him.

Sadly, grown men are known to be stubborn. Both have their political ideals, their own reasons for doing things and the only ones who are at the losing end is the group of villagers. I don’t know why but today I have visions of Lot. Lot was a character in the Bible (and also in the Quran). He pleaded with God to spare a city. God wanted to destroy the whole city due to the people who sinned. Lot asked God to spare them. And God bargained with him. If there is just one good person, God will spare the city.

Somehow, I hope CM Lim will and I believe he will continue to hold back the demolition from taking place. MalaysianInsider reported that the CM has washed his hands off the issue. I know my CM won’t do that, just like how Lot continued to plead for the safety of people. And I pray Uthaya will not be so stubborn with his ‘stroke of a pen’.

Sheeeeshhh…..if only the world operates like how idealistic I see it….

Again, I do not want to hear what’s your opinion on both of the men I mentioned. I admire them both as individuals whom had fought for the rights of the people, sacrifice themselves in ISA and to me, they deserve my respect.

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