I slept from about 2pm to 6 pm and probably made some client and middleman company very pissed with me because I didn’t answer calls or sms-es. But wutudo….I am sick mah, I got legitimate reason to take a nap. Anyway, glad I have finished what I am supposed to do.

I am not the only one who konk-out on a cold, rainy day like today. My little boy too had fallen asleep on the floor after doing too much homework. Poor kid has plenty of homework almost every day. Monday is for spelling, Wednesday is for ejaan. Competitive kid like him must get all stars so he will worry over it, practise and worry and worry somemore.


Did I tell you he got 2nd place in class during his mid-term exam? Doh…I don’t agree to kids having exams or any type of competition where studies are concerned at young age because it will potentially cause some to feel demoralised or have low self-esteem. But then, he is from some Christian kindie and they are really competitive. They give out stickers which will be exchanged with gifts if they are good boys and girls. They ask Jesus for favours. Seriously…I am not peachy with such things but since my kid is doing well, I leave him there. If with my other kids who are not as competitive, I think I will pull them out.

My kid is now rehearsing for some skit for a show at PISA and he is Prophet Daniel. I am ashame to say that I do not know who is Prophet Daniel. I went to the kindie once and I thought they are doing the last supper. I asked, “Who is Jesus?” and the teacher told me the skit is from the Old Testament. Malu…..


I am also thinking of sending him to home-schooling if we have reputable private schooling with Christian teachings. However, in Penang, we don’t have the LaSalle run private school. There are pros and cons of going to Christian based schools but I think the pros outdo the cons.

Lucky that our DPM aka Education Minister has decided that he made a boo-boo. From what I understand now, my kid who is going to Standard One in 2010 will study Maths and Science in English until he completes Form Five. And my #3 who is now in Form One will not need to switch to Bahasa Malaysia at Form Four.

(asleep in the midst of a sea of homework)

Anyway, I hope to declare Lepak Tuesday and do nothing but sleeping, eating and wasting time doing nothing. There is no press conference, I am not going to the Dewan anymore, even if they are throwing out more politicians and I hope nothing happens in Kampung Buah Pala in the meantime.

On Wednesday, I am going to be busy because I am going to film a disabled children’s home. (Geraldine, I will use the money to buy something for Eden instead) Plus I am going to interview my sons’ tall, dark and handsome doctor on A(H1N1). Hmmm…there is always a motivation for doing things, no? Hehehehehe….community message brought to you by the 5xmom kinda documentary. My CJ partner has gone to China so leave me alone to one-leg kick all filming two things on the same day. Anyway, I love what I am doing so it is never ‘work’ to me but serving the community.

And to those who reads my blog by coming to the site, next two days, you pandai-pandai scroll down for the second post, ok?