Babies always make people melt. Even the veteran mom like me whom had so many babies still love to cuddle babies and see those adorable babies’ photos.

Johnson’s baby is running a contest where you can vote for cute, little babies. Let me put those photos over here. There are four categories in the contest and in each category, six babies are in the finalists list. Go vote for them at to help them win some prizes.

1) Brighter Smile – This of course have babies with angelic smiles. There is nothing cuter than toothless smiles .

Huge, sparkling eyes with the brightest smile


This is my favourite because he looks just like a cute doll


The tiny pony-tail made her the sweetest lil’ girl


This is one future model who pose for the camera


With just two teeth, he already has the brightest smile


2) Reaching out – The photos in this category shows all the babies reaching out to their moms and it is so heartwarming.


It is several months before a baby can reach out to their mommies. But when they do, they grabbed you and won’t let go like this one.


Do you know that baby learns to vocalise faster by putting their palms on our face? I learned that from a Johnson & Johnson’s baby book. So, let your baby touch your face (near our vocal chord). This baby is doing just that.

A baby is often curious and this one though barely months old is now discovering mommy’s face. Make lots of funny faces and all kind of expressions to get your baby’s attention.

This is a blissful moment of mommy and baby bonding, isn’t it?

This baby is so angelic with the head of black hair.
The favourite photo in this category because it really spell gaze to the max.

3) Giggle & Vocalization – How do you actually differentiate giggles from smiling? Well, take a look at the photos of the babies with their expression of happiness and you will know .

pic6Now, look who is talking!  It starts with goo-goo gaa-gaa but soon it will become full chatter.

My favourite photo in this category. Just look at the happy faces.
Such a sweet little girl. I wonder if others can tell a baby boy from a baby girl that easily or is it just me? But then, there are some baby boys who look cute like girls and vice versa.
Senyuman manis that says a lot eventhough this is just a photo. I love the smile.

Babies are the most fun between five to eight months because they are so full of surprise and they love being tease.

Just look at the expression and how little baby makes mommy squeals in delight as well.

4) Gazes – Like all parents, I think one of the most endearing moments is when a baby can focus on looking at you and start to communicate through those sparkling eyes.

I guess with gaze like that, mommy and baby are in a world of their own. Happy, tender and blissful moment.
Just look at how deep the gaze the baby has for his pretty mommy.


This is a beautiful photo. See how tender the mom’s touch is. Do you know that baby likes soft, gentle, assuring touch on their foreheads?
I look at you, you look at me and that says ‘I love you’.


Such big eyes and though only a baby, the gaze captures attention.

I have tender and fuzzy feelings all over again looking at those smiles and expression of the babies and the warm, loving gazes of the moms. Hey, do take a look at and go vote for them, ok? You know what? Voting can win you prizes as well.

After looking at so many babies pictures, I wish I have one little baby to play with. My little boy who is six years old doesn’t like cuddly and snuggly moments with mommy anymore. I had to bribe him to get hugs and kisses. Very often, he will say, “Hey, I am not a baby anymore, I am a boy, you know? Boys don’t kiss! Kissing is icky…” Sigh….I really wish I have one more baby….


  1. I also wish I have a baby too but scare of jaga malam. hehehe………………. mine are growing up too and babies are different from small kids. I love smelling them. Babies had got wonderful smell.

  2. erina – faster do, faster do…LOL. ask Lawrence jaga mah. I want also cannot liao, sudah kena ikat by doctor. Hehehe, anyway, if I have one, people sure say ‘Cucu?’

  3. Kena ikat already? So fast sau tong ? haha…babies are wonderful but taking care of them is a pain in the ass. I can’t stand crying babies. When I was small I seldom cry…my mum is lucky. I have a twin brother as well..and both of us seldom cry…don’t know why leh!

  4. Funny that when they are babies, we go all out to encourage, entice and even bribe them to talk..but years later, we’ll need to tell these same fellas to “shut up and don’t talk so much!” LOL!

  5. 9pek9bo – LOL, glad you are reading this post. It took me so long to write it cos it is not easy to give 24 compliments to 24 photos.

    Apa nama – You want to take off your shirt and put your chubby body next to your two babies, I will feature you. Deal?

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