Hello….are you reading this?

It is Wednesday already. Lucky Eden phoned me or else I thought I have an appointment with them today. It is tomorrow, Thursday.

That means, I only need to interview Doc C about A(H1N1) and go Komtar to see if there is any new development about Kampung Buah Pala. Some constipated people accused me of being LGE’s propaganda spinner. Somemore asked me where I was on Sunday night.

Never do homework properly, wanna diss me. I was there in the midst of the mud, wet ground mixed with cow dung and I stood there with my wet slippers for more than an hour until a male reporter ‘jom’ a chair for me to sit for the next two and a half hours. KNN, never check my blog, wanna diss me. He hasn’t heard I scold him Tamil expletives yet. Somemore, this whacko only know how to cuss behind his PC and tok kok.

Anyway, it is Wednesday already. And I am terribly nervous at how time flies. It is already August. I am supposed to go and confirm my little boy registration for Standard One next year. He is going to be 7 years old and going to Standard One. He already lost two milk teeth and I am waiting for the other two black teeth to faster drop.

I look at the calendar and August is the month of #2’s birthday. Then, it is my birthday. Ish, time, can you move slower a bit ah? At least now I can still say, ‘early 40s’. Then, when September comes along, I have to say mid fourties and then, next year, it is late fourties. Yerrrrr….slow down a bit lah.

There is this weird thing about people. Whenever they see me and my four sons, two of whom are taller than me, they will ask, “No daughter ah?”. I will tell them no. And they will surely ask me, “Have one more lah, Chinese has this myth that if you have four sons, the fifth is surely a girl.”

That’s when I want to spit and hiss and claw them. But I have five already! And they are all sons, ok? But on the other hand, at least they think I am still young enough to get pregnant. Oh my horrors! I don’t want to get pregnant ever!

Which brings me to the subject of ligation. Ligation is when the doctor cut off the fallopian tube and tied it. So, a woman cannot get pregnant again because the egg never reach the womb. Someone asked me just now about having ligation at 30s, after 2 kids. I told him, “Siao ah?”

Cos in my opinion, I won’t ever want to ligate because firstly, it is against my Catholic faith. We are not supposed to practise artificial birth control. But then, I wasn’t a Catholic when my doctor warned me that I am going to die, frothing in my mouth, eyes popping out, and twitching if I ever get pregnant and had pre-eclampsia. Of course, my handsome doctor who looks like a Bollywood star didn’t spelt it out so violently. But when I had Matthew, I had pre-eclampsia. So, I had no choice but to sign the form under duress from the hubby. (cos I propagate like a pig)

The other reason is because I told my male friend, “But what if she wants to get pregnant with another man?” And the poor chap felt lousy. Stupid….that means he also get to make many mistresses pregnant also mah. Life is like that mah….cannot say one, right? I mean, it is normal, isn’t it? But no wor, he said, ‘Then, how about he had vasectomy?’ So, I laugh and laugh that he is going to be shooting blanks and turn pondan. (which is not true, I am only pulling his legs)

Still, I feel it is not quite alright for a man to have vasectomy at 30s, right? Cos really lah, don’t make such a drastic decision at 30s. There is a full life ahead and don’t close the roads, just yet.

Me? I don’t mind having a few more Swiss, blonde hair, blue eyes babies if I ever find my billionairre Swiss angmoh with villas on the Swiss Alps. I can do that with IVF. They take the egg and the sperm and mix mix in a petri dish. But of course, #2 son, I will make sure I transferred many, many villas and Swiss restaurants to your name first before I do that, ok? Then, you wouldn’t care if you have millions of half-brothers. LOL Maybe they have extended a woman’s fertile period to 80 years old. *laffs till fall off chair*

Did I just make everyone totally confused on what to say? Never mind….. do you think it is ok for couples to have ligation at 30s, two kids? Simple, right? Will you do it?

6 thoughts on “Hello….are you reading this?

  1. Wah, belum tidur ah? And thinking of tied tubes in the middle of the night? Hmmm…since u can’t have kids already, middle of the night is the best time to……………….

  2. Foong – Wuah, at 1.24 am and you think I still got ‘partner’ to do ‘things’. He kena work, drop kid at school, so slept liao lah. Not I tie tubes, a friend considering it.

  3. Depends la.. if financial standing is good, than no la.. but if financial standing is bad, than better go tie la…

  4. Yes, I do think it is ok for couples to be sterilized at 30s since they already have two children. Yes, I will also do it. I also think that it is ok for couples to be sterilized if they are 21 years old and above even it they do not have any children if they are very sure at that time that they do not want to have any children ever.

    I have two friends who knew that they do not want children when they got married at 25 and was turned away by doctors when they requested to be sterilized due to the fact that they do not have any children and to their age. They then spent a fortune on condoms and pills and now are both in their 50s, living together happily without any children. They would have saved a lot of money if the doctors would just sterilized them when they requested for it.

  5. I think if a couple doesn’t want to have children then by all means go and have the tie tie thingy. For me, I also don’t want to have children. Don’t tie 1st..later want then how ah? hahah. condom is the way to go or pills… hmmm

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