Kampung Buah Pala videos

Even the sky seems to cry with the women of Kampung Buah Pala. It was a heart rending sight to see the women and children forming human barricade and standing so stoid under the rain to defend their village on 13 August, 2009. They bravely came face to face with the red shield of the police light strike force and almost body contact when the police moved step by step. However, the assurance was the police had instructed another group that they are there to take care of security of all the people there. The police have been very restrained and patience even though there were lots of taunting, name callings and pushing. One woman was said to be injured when her foot was stepped on. The other one was seen fainting and lost consciousness.

The first video is about how some women were slightly injured during the scuffle. The second video is about the brawn and the bulldozers.

I went to Kampung Buah Pala this morning. Yesterday noon, I attended a press conference by
Nusmetro and they did not tell us when they are going to do the demolition. This morning, they moved in.

It was raining heavily, things are very chaotic but we, the media members are feeling safe because the police are very restrained and there was no threat of any kind. The light strike force (which I mistook for FRU) had those tear gas big guns and some have pistol. But when I leave the village around noon, I told one of them, “I really tabik you all for the patience.”

I left at noon because I need to feed my sons, charge my battery and send the clips to Malaysiakini. Glad that things are peaceful now and they have until September 1st to vacate.

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