Good shits, bad shits

Oh dear…I am declaring myself obnoxious, online and off line. But first, let me tell you what is good shits and bad shits. Warning….photo of shits in this post.


This is good tahi. It is easily passed out and doesn’t give problems. I took the photo from some doctor’s wall. It is for some kid’s constipation problems poster.


And this is massive undesirable shits. Now, my kids have all grown up so these photos are irrelevant to me. I went to my sons’ doctor just now to interview him about A(H1N1) and I realised I have not been to his clinic for more than a year. Thank God for that because I am blessed with the Gift of the Lord (Matthew) who has rosy cheeks and self-recovery type of health that doesn’t require me to see the doctor. I also realised that Dr. Cheang is the only doctor in Penang whom had treated all my five sons, from ponteng illness to death and birth. The other paediatricians were changed here and there but Doc C treated all five. From my #1 son right down to Matthew’s c-sec birth. And of course, he treated my #4 son who was in the hospital for seven months, five of which were in LWE.

So, I was sitting there waiting for him to close his clinic and there are 88 patients he treated from morning till 5 pm. Many kids are being hospitalised as well. The H1N1 is getting nasty. If you have children below five years old, do be very careful and avoid crowded place. If you have very small babies, be even more observant because some babies who were infected do not show any symptoms as they do not know how to complain of discomforts. If your baby lost appetite, appear tired and not very responsive, check with your doctor.

Wait for the video. I make it in a very simple Q&A.

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  1. Seems that a lot of people are getting sick this few days. Even some of my friends are down! My friend’s guitar student got quarantined. Sigh…..

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