Let’s talk curry mee

There is something about Kampung Buah Pala and curry mee that I want to tell you. No, no, no, don’t run away. I am not talking politics or any bull shits. Though the villagers did carry some pails of cow dungs and threatened to throw or rather splash them on the developer, Gary Ho.

Ok, ok, back to curry me.

I just noticed that I had been eating curry mee like almost every few other days.

curry mee

This is the Kuantan Road curry mee I had on Aug 3rd, after I went to Kampung Buah Pala to cover the first demolition. I ate it at Good Corner which is a new kopitiam sandwiched between my son’s kinde and my church.

You know what? I had the bowl of curry mee and the can of icecream soda and it is so much cheaper than some nasi kandar and teh tarik. Sometimes, I wonder how much mamak restaurants made from us cos now, a meal with drink costs as much as RM10.


Then, yesterday I lagi kesian. I went to CM’s PC thinking that he may said something about errm..KBP. He didn’t and it was just a short PC about what I also forget. So, I went to Gama to shop for some groceries. Midway, I got a sms that Nusmetro is calling for a PC at Northam Hotel. So, I fast fast cabut there with my bunch of grapes, plums, oranges, nangka, Cheezel and Twisties, plus Oreos too. By the time the press conference is finished, I just realised I haven’t had lunch. It was already 4 pm and I was hungry like hell. So, I went to New World Park to have a bowl of curry mee.


This morning, my loukong kicked me out of bed at 7 am because he wanted me to follow him to Eon service at Jalan Sungai Pinang. Boh pien, I told him if he wants me to wake up so early and drop him (cos he is taking the Persona to work from there as the car was in the workshop), he must ‘chia’ me breakfast.

So, we had curry mee again. I totally forgot that I ate a bowl yesterday afternoon. But this Jalan Sungai Pinang (outside Honda service) curry mee quality had dropped and it tastes horrible. I had to ask for extra chillies and soy sauce to make it tasty.

Now, with so much santan, I am super lemak liao. Horrrr?

Ya horrr…just because I went to video that Thomas Chan of Nusmetro, ONCE only suddenly people think I am Lim Guan Eng and Thomas Chan agent. KNN, if I am, I wouldn’t be eating curry mee that costs RM3.50 almost every day lah. Tiu, I will be having dim sum at cut throat prices and sharks fin and bird’s nest for my meals lah. Cilaka mia orang.

22 thoughts on “Let’s talk curry mee

  1. Wow. The curry mee is so cheap? RM3.50. The big prawns make my saliva dropping now and it is supper time now. Usually, those prawn mee i ate in KL or PJ is “little prawn”..

  2. I heard if you Transport Minister agent hor, will have the change to travel in private jet wan. Shark fin is kacang to them lah.

  3. hahaha. so funny. What makes them thought that you are their agent? haha.
    btw, Thomas Chan quite charming…

  4. “thomas quite charming”

    you disgust me danielle.!!!!!only in malaysia ,where goliath is praised and david kicked into the ground!.remember, indians will not forget this injustice for ever long time.eye for an eye is the only way to deal with the chinese in penang and malaysia from now on!

  5. Hey Lilian, I saw a bunch of “red armies” when I was on my way to work. I stop by to refuel and there were like 4-5 trucks stopping by at the batu lancang petronas petrol station. That people going for the KBP thingy ah, i also dunno lar!

  6. Show me more photos of curry mee again??
    Help me, God! Looks like I will be drooling for how many more days??? Only God knows!
    Kau meng, ahhhh…

  7. danny – Yalor, plenty of the police. I just learned they are not FRU but light strike force. Haiyer, I must go educate myself with who is who.

    9pek9bo – Yayaya, I am , I am. But don’t tell people lah. I get paid with ‘see hum’ for promoting curry mee.

    enough is enough – Ironic that you use a nickname like colonel…. You cannot get over your colonial master issit?

    danielle – People need jamban lah, so many constipated people around.

    bryan – Yalor, sui sui, I go jadi agent for one who travels economy class on Air Asia. BTW, LGE said the Penang State saved RM35M from their budget in 2008 because of the ‘everyone can fry economy bee hoon’ drive. LOL.

    Alvin – Ya, hawkers are still ok lah.

  8. enough is enough – an eye for an eye? what if people have done good? Are you going to repay the deed as well? Dont talk cock lah. The world isn’t fair anyway. Injustice my ass lah!! Please do not talk like you represent the whole Indian community. Niamah!!!

  9. Wa. what’s wrong with you la “enough is enough”. You jealous I praised Thomas Chan is charming is it?

  10. Cilaka mia orang, Cibai, Pundek, Niamah, Cock- if Rice got his his way his computer alarms would buzzing ad infinitum…

  11. Apa nama – Clever, you speak Tamil.

    rizlan – You multi-language, lagi pandai

    foong – I got the attention of the editors, so shiok mah. I sent my reply to MT and hope they publish it cos I said he is a coward.

    danielle – Yalor, I also think Thomas Chan looks quite ‘yeng’. That day he went to Kg Buah Pala time, he walked like cowboy like that. But only the other Gary Ho went to face those villagers. I don’t know why the villagers are so agitated with the developer only. They should go to Koh Tsu Koon and scold him pukimak, lanciao (that’s what the Indians there said, ok, not I say one) for selling off their land mah.

  12. Lilian, I read the news from the other blogs. Sure is depressing. Come back here to look at curry mee photos better la. Now I am longing for a big bowl with extra liau one!! Yum yum………

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