Twitter Updates for 2009-08-14

  • Am on MT and given honours . WongMunChee is lame cos I replied his mail ystdy n he has no balls to reply me. #
  • Wow…I like how 247 tee vee gets syndicated. Whee, my videos are all over the Tweet world. #
  • "They are very eager to become heroes, let them be," (KTK to LGE) #
  • Our country is farked when every professionals can be paid to say what they are paid to say. #
  • Medical reps are just salesman, ok? Don't act clever in front of me. #
  • Wow, I interviewed Dr Cheang and it was exactly 10 mins. Save me time from editing. Must do that with all my interviews. #
  • Editing H1N1 video which crashed 3 times! Forget about inserting more layers. Bah! #
  • Kg Buah Pala folks, read what Kerismudin wud hv done to u if they r in power #
  • Husband works, 2 kids have school, obligation day assumption today so it is just another day n not weekend like I was looking fwd to. #
  • Kampung Buah Pala residents call media for a surprise video clip n PC at 2 pm. Me no mood for surprise cos 4.30 pm I got class to teach. #

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