• WongMunChee is soooo lame, expects me to give MT his reply which I only recd today. Porrrdah… http://bit.ly/idhw3 #
  • is laughing at 'one Satria Asia' who blasted the "darn vultures." You go Satria Asia! http://bit.ly/qpFCy #
  • Who hit Mr. Sugu? Why? Anyone knows? http://bit.ly/14eh18 #
  • Sore throat, headache n slight cough rendered me 'ponteng-able'. Going to nap it away instead of spreading to the Form 1 cat.class #
  • been spelling TAMILflu n not TAMIflu cos thot it is from Tamil Naidu. Don't blame me, too much Tamil High Chaparral story #
  • I think Msia is run by cunning, smart, conniving female. Just look at the pieces out there..female wrath… #
  • And on the 7th day, God said…sleep. And I overslept. #

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