6 thoughts on “Gerakan Youth, not my fault, ok?

  1. Lilian, I just tried to google, typed the same keywords as yours, now your website is shown as No.1 in mine. And Gerakan’s official is No.4. haha

  2. hahaha, maybe cos the Google engine from different country have different results. No wonder they so tulan with me. Really not my fault one, whatever I write sure come up top-top on the results. That’s why advertisers like me lor. I write dunno how many Johnson also they no sienz with me. Nay, ask Gerakan want to blame, go blame the sky god, theen koong ahhhh.

  3. I googled for “Koh Tsu Koon” and guess what? Results shows his ‘fansee’, Chan lilian is No.2 as well as No.3 after Wikipedia! LOL!

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