Twitter Updates for 2009-08-16

  • Phuyohhh what a happening sunday for CJ Lilian. Interviewed two Lims abt ISA. Last minute notice, one after another. Syabas! hehehe #
  • today learns that the ISA heroes are the women behind the detainees who had to hold the fort. #
  • going to try catch YB NIzar at Han Chiang. It's a DAP dinner so me not interested to attend, only wanna see YB Nizar in person n video . #
  • How come the H1N1 victims in Msia seem to be nameless, faceless, insignificant? Is our Gov. covering up? So many deaths, who are they? Why #
  • Had the chance to finally hear YB Nizar speaks. That man is awesome cos he speaks Mandarin too! #
  • is enjoying her Monday morning doing nothing but drink coffee, eat koay teow thng n hide in her aircond bedroom surfing. Life is nice #
  • RT @limkitsiang: Umno PP Rohaizat makes history as he was struck off the rolls by Malaysian Bar Mac 09. Umno no better person? #
  • No new post on the top of my blog for the next 48 hours…… #

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