Ever question your mortality?

I guess all of us have that immortal outlook where our life is concerned.

We go shopping today, sign our credit card and then, hope to pay at the end of the month.

We buy shares as investment and plan to make a profit in future.

We purchase properties and hope they become prime properties in a decade.

We hunt for good schools for our children future.

We fantasize about going places after retirement.

All the things we do are for the future. The future that we plan to live in a happy, ever after life.

That’s why, we sometimes forget that we are not immortals. We do not live forever and ever. Somewhere along the sunny path, we will meet a few obstacles. Getting sick, loved one getting sick, financial difficulties, aged parents need medical treatment and these sort of life challenges are part and parcel of each and every single one of our lives.

Of course, we can merrily skip along the sunny path and hope nothing like that happen to us. We always think those are things that happen to others. But sadly, nope, I had my bumps here and there and I can tell you that it is something none of us can escape.

So, rather than getting caught unprepared, why not plan ahead? Though it is rather cliché, it is always good to save for the rainy days. Many of us probably don’t have a lot to save for the rainy days. But we can always find a more manageable way.

Hubby and I have been amply covered with his company’s health insurance. When the kids come along, one by one, they too were comfortably covered. A couple of my sons are chronic ‘hospital warder’ which means going in and out of hospital stays.

One of them had childhood asthma and I calculated that he needed at least RM15K per year for hospital stays and asthma care. That was almost 15 years ago. Now, I dare not even think what it costs.

Taking care of a sick child is hard enough. So, we were lucky that we have always been warded in first class facility in private hospitals. Otherwise, I think I couldn’t have endured those constant stays with so much positive and sunny outlook.

Now, hubby has changed company and we are no longer under the same cushy package. But thank God, the kids are much grown up and passed the phase of recurring childhood illness. *touch wood* Still, he bought a health insurance for the family because it is the sensible thing to do.

The other day, when I was attending the PruHealth talk at Villa Manja, I only knew the benefits of getting a health insurance when we were younger. If we had bought one before we hit our 40s, I guess the premium would have been lower. Now, hubby and I are over 40 and the premium is so much higher.

So, have you thought of the future? The hiccups and the bumps that need some form of cushion in the form of a health insurance? I am going to ask Prudential to elaborate more how one can get a health insurance while one is still covered by their company’s package. It is a double coverage but they briefly told me, one does not actually pay the premium for nothing. Maybe I will write more when I hear from them.

5 thoughts on “Ever question your mortality?

  1. I am insured with this Insurer but my damn agent never update me on the new plans and benefits. I heard the is no claim bonus or what. Cibai agent of mine. Damn him!!! Only saw him when I signed up. Never seen him since.

    If Prudential is reading this, get your damn agents to update the existing customers lah. Don’t just focus on new business. Damn you!!!

    Lulian, If you hear from them, give me the top man’s email. I wanna complain. Niamah!!

  2. Niamah not at home. LOL.

    Wei, you are in ‘that line’, somemore need to ask me meh? You want a hordes of insurance salesman knocking on your door issit?

  3. Hi Miss Lilian!

    I’m still reading your blog entries and find them most interesting. I hope that you will still grant me an opportunity to interview you about your citizen journalism project. I left an email in your gmail inbox. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you for your help 🙂

  4. Lilian,
    After praising the police for their kesabaran, what say you about the way they humiliate and tiik away Gobala’s wallet , I am sure you have watched the that video. I watched the video a few times but still don’t know what he did wrong.

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