This post is for all those women who have those ideals like ‘white hair till old’ kinda romantic notion. I tell you lah, it doesn’t exist one….Trust me…..

The moment you kicked the bucket hor, most likely lah, I say likely only lah…

your old man whom may not be so very old yet, will cari a new one.

I saw with my own eyes one.

And if your old man is the rich, professional, ok-looking one, lagi chialat.

The world is not fair one. Trust me lah.

The moment you died hor, his saham melambung tinggi.

Suddenly, the whole sea of fishes are biting.

I tell you lah, true one.

Someone whose wife died not long ago is now happily entertaining younger women. Wuah…life is not fair.

So, I think I am not going to die so soon. Or at least until I am very sure that time, my old man is at least half-blinded by cataract, pocket kosong due to his four sons used up all his money including EPF, life insurance and whatever savings. Maybe has plenty of illness and any foolish woman who wants to be his partner has to be his nurse, wash his butt and change his diapers. Plus repeat the answer 100 times per day to questions like, “What day is today? What day is today?”

So, I am going to make sure that I outlive him somehow. Or else, I think I will double-die (if there is such a thing) if I look down from heaven and see my old man, kiap-kiap (using chopsticks) foods for younger woman. Wuah….beh tahan.

Therefore, my dear ladies, stop believing in fairy tales and start spending your old man’s money to the max so that in case of any ‘tong kua tau foo’, at least you don’t feel cheated that you saved his money but skali you sell salted duck eggs, he spends it on other woman. Die also not peaceful like that.

And hor, don’t be foolish to think that maybe your loukong ‘not in operation or serviceable’ with you won’t suddenly become a stud with a younger woman. Some women think like that one lor. They thought, chey…that old man cucumber becomes pickles liao, which woman wants him lah. The world does not operate likedis wan….Got money, got profession, hampalang sarttttt…..Can use or not, also don’t care. Asalkan poket not pokkai.

I tell you lah, this one based on what I see. Oh ya, somemore got…..if your loukong is one of those sipeh romantic, romeo kind, you think you die already, he will cry and miss you forever meh? Lagi chialat this kind of men. Cos he needs an outlet to ber-romen so he is even faster to find a substitute. I no bluff one, I see with my own eyes.

The end. Now you may go back to your fairy tale world.