Twitter Updates for 2009-08-18

  • Tralalalalala…I've sold my blogging soul to the dark side of $$$$$. I give you my 'face', I give you my 'brain', I give you everything. #
  • is listening to Jalur Gemilang for the millionth time. Not patriotic but looking for right codec for my video. #
  • People, go watch Lim Guan Eng talks about his ISA and prison experience. I got the exclusive (ahem) interview with LGE and also LKS. ht … #
  • Learned a new word fm LKS. Bunkum. "Of course, all talk of "MACC – no fear or favour" just bunkum" #
  • Mr. Cameraman, betul ke ni? Takkan nak pause so many times? I tak yah ponnnnn #
  • I took a bunch of pics of the prison dept. gantung and rotan pics n now so geli. Who wants see? I dunno FB allow me to upload or not? #
  • Bought a tiny Hyundai mike and TDK earphones. Thinking of getting a netbook. Which brand good ah? Kecik dan murah type. #
  • #1 son said I wl end in Thai border, #2 son bets I see KLCC. All bcoz I am driving alone to Permatang Pasir. Got tt sarcasm fm the father #

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