Adventure here I come

People will think I am nuts to consider driving over to the mainland as an adventure. But then, for a person who tends to get lost even in the neighbourhood, it is indeed an adventure.

My little boy is having some skit practice followed by recording. Wow…canggih or not? The kindie is recording the kids’ dialogue so that on the real concert day, they just lip sync. Here is a rough clip I made using the new Canon HF11 high definition video camera. I was just testing out if the file format works with my video editing softwares. Anyway, my little six years old will be having a full day at kindie. That means I get a full day at home.

Not wanting to waste the day, and having the opportunity to be asked to go and do something about Permatang Pasir, I am driving to Permatang Pasir. All by myself.

In my 44 years of age, do you know that this is probably the 3rd time I drive across the island, whether on ferry or the bridge? The first time was when I went to interview when I was in my 20s. The second time…well…probably when I was staying in Seberang Jaya. And other than that, I have never done so. I am blessed with chauffeurs ever willing to drive me anywhere. That….. I shall leave for another day. Something that goes in the line of ‘How to get foolish men to be your amad (driver) just because you are pretending to be dumb.’

So, my second son in his usual ‘the world is ending’ mockery told the number one son, “Man….your mother is going to ask, eh, why got customs here one ah? And she found out she is at the border of Thailand.” And the number one son said, “No lah…your mother doesn’t know which is north and which is south, so she will see ‘Eh why got KLCC’ here?”

I have armed myself with directions, phone numbers and cables and wires. I hope to get some nice sceneries of the kampungs in Permatang Pasir. My hubby used to work in Kulim and he passed Penanti a lot. I love the bendang padi so I hope to stop by and take the scenic views. It is more a scenic shots because I want to try out the camera loaned by Canon to me because my current camera konk-ed out right after I video-ed Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. Two of them within a few hours on Sunday.

Thank God I managed to download the video and edit them. I wonder if the Canon camera is a Barisan Nasional supporter or what. That’s why see too much DAP supremo and secretary-general, skali short circuit. (laughing at own stupid joke)

Did I mention that I have the honour of chatting with CM Lim on Sunday about ISA? And I don’t know if they pakat or what, YB Lim KS who was back in Penang also agreed to let me video him. I was trying to get the appointment several times, including when I was in KL but never got the chance. Suddenly, I got it on the same day! So, I was freaking out at the thought of meeting two of them. Especially YB Lim because I have never talked to him and all I know about him was that icon that we know. The one who always gaduh one? Everything also oppose, everything also he has a sharp tongue to hit back?

So, can you imagine how scary that is? Jimmy was in China/HK so I had to deal with it alone. But there wasn’t time to even think because CM fixed the appointment within 30 minutes. I only have 30 minutes to get ready, drive to Komtar and do it. Then, rush to Green Lane, praying the battery doesn’t konk because I have to go to LKS’s home, straight from Komtar.

I will post the videos of the interviews later on. It is something I hope everyone will watch because ISA has far more effects than what we probably know. I asked YB Lim about Mrs. Lim and he talked about the brave women whose lives were affected by ISA. Meanwhile, interviewing CM was less scary but I froze still. Before the interview, I had boasted to Jimmy how I am going to touch on the emotions. But on the actual interview, I dare not because I was scared I ended up crying instead. Still, you guys have to listen to how the ants carried the cockroach across CM Lim’s bare belly. (go imagine first…..)

So, it is going to be Adventure Wednesday in Permatang Pasir. Wish me luck! I want to know how is life in a kampung and what our new state government has done for them. You see, previously, P. Pasir was under PAS since 1999. And the state government was BN. Then, Datuk Hamdan became their ADun and PR is the state government. So, has life been better? Yes? No? (I had to do a lot of homework to understand the life there, the names of the people and prepare the questions.)

9 thoughts on “Adventure here I come

  1. Lilian, I think you can already enter those movie shorts competition… you got so much great material… LGE can act as himself… next in CV- Blogger Producer

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Welcome to HD Video!
    Your new Canon HF 11 is a great camera. Mine is the new Panasonic HDC-TM300. The AVCHD format is very demanding. The download software that comes with camera is hopeless for editing!
    I am still trying out some good one such as Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 (free 30 days trial), or Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate, Corel Video Studio X2 Pro( formerly ULead), Adobe Premier Elements and the Edius Neo. All of them’s great BUT editing on a notebook IS a real problem! Am thinking of a new desktop with Intel Core 2 Quad processor. I like the Sony Vegas!

    Best of luck
    Cheers and Regards
    Donald G. H. Tan
    Birds Talking Too

  3. You have to plan for lot of time in Permatang Pasir. I predict it will be a watershed election they way BN has screwed up on the candidate. When BN loses big, Muhiyiddin and Najib is going to blame each other. The celebration is going to be incredible.. This is going to be the mother of all by-election because PAS has smelled blood after Muhiyiddin tried to draw blood from Nik Aziz with all his stupid comment about Tok Guru..

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