Lim Guan Eng on ISA and his prison stays

Sometimes, we really do not know what the future holds for us. I remember being the self-declared #1 fansee of the CM when I don’t know him. I was so over the moon with stories about him which I dug from the internet. I posted something about the new Chief Minister three days after March 8, 2008.

And here I am, actually asking him to tell me in person what life in ISA and prison was like.

The video was about 18 minutes so I had to break it into two. I interviewed CM Lim last Sunday at his office. Do watch both the videos. And wait for another one by YB Lim Kit Siang on how Mrs. Lim (LKS’s wife) deal with a husband and son who were detained for 18 months under the ISA.

Now, I am not so much into hero worshiping LGE anymore. Sienz ledi. Must go worship Rosmah or something already. But I can’t grow my hair that way….

5 thoughts on “Lim Guan Eng on ISA and his prison stays

  1. Bryan – Go borrow from Marge Simpsons. LOL

    Bigjoe – I went to ask the voters there about their opinions on the two candidates. Got both sides of the story.

  2. Nowadays you see LGE almost everyday sure sien liau la…. maybe he should start hero worshiping you to get your attention.. CJ very powerful you know… you edit your video one way and the masses get the wrong message.

  3. Paul – Choy….I got CAT also wannnn…Only RTM and TV3 edit videos like that wannnnnnnnnn….I very fair, even LGE also told someone that my reporting is very fair wannnn…..Don’t give that lame ass Wong Mun Chee the idea that I twisted my videos lah, he already going mad with his conspiracies…Kesian Wong Mun Chee. Nay, that Wong Mun Chee of Gerakan? Who uses several user ids to post comments on Malaysia Today to support his shit loads of stupid ideas? (sorry hor, Paul, I tumpang your comment to hentam the stupid lame ass Wong Mun Chee nia) Cos I feel like it.

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