The green Permatang Pasir

I was there from about 8 am till 12 noon. Because I want to find people to interview, I had to drink several cups of Nescafe, limau ais and teh tarik. Lucky I didn’t feel like pissing or else I will be dead because in Permatang Pasir, you cannot even find a decent petrol station.

I drove past the place twice because I didn’t notice the blue signboard which was camouflaged by the cacings I mean dacings. So, I was asking for direction and though I know I got it right, I still wonder where the hell is Permatang Pasir. It turned out to be just a road with kampong houses on both sides. There is no pekan.

However, I am glad I took the drive because now I can masuk kampung tanam jagung without getting lost. That is if I am not too proud to ask.

AND LOOK at the huge, lavish tents from Barisan Nasional Bilik Gerakan. It looks so comfortable, so well-equipped, I almost went in there to lepak….But no, I didn’t. I ran out of battery because the new on-loan HD video camera only has 80 minutes of battery life, of which fizzles twice the rate the clock ticks. So, I stumbled upon PAS centre which is so cramped, crowded, small. And I squatted there to charge the video camera. I mean, really squat because the plug was on the floor and I dare not leave my camera alone.

I was lucky because Zorro whom I was trying to locate was right there for me to interview. Divine intervention. My trip was great in the end.

5 thoughts on “The green Permatang Pasir

  1. pls lah…how many times hav u ran out of battery juice…??
    wt yr internet earning, tolong go buy more lah….. don want to c u squat here and there….lol

  2. JT – This camera on loan one, buy what lah. It only has 80 mins battery life but it ticks double the clock. I thought battery faulty, fast fast phone them and they told me it is like that. There is an extended life battery. But like I said, this one pinjam one. So, I must carry a charger with me. Wuah, imagine I mid way PC at my #1 idol. I have to ‘chup, can you stop for a minute while I find a hole to plug in?’ But lucky, my ‘certain blog reader’ reads and know the problem. *prays prays prays for heaven sent battery, and camera too*

  3. bro 1st pls get new bat..n let BN rule again n everyone of us will live happily n peacefully..

  4. TEM – Eh, which part of mom do you not understand? You think I got a penis kah?

    william – Read the post properly first before you leave a comment?

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