Twitter Updates for 2009-08-19

  • Drove past Pmtg Pasir without realising I am there already! Ish, Penanti/P. Pauh/P. Pasir are one tiny place. There is not even a pekan ! #
  • I am like the politicians magnet. Pusing2, terserempak with PAS Salahudin and met Zorro! Yeah, got an interview with Zorro as well. #
  • I hate how I love 'jadi' and 'so' whenever I interview people! Jadi jadi jadi…tak habis habis #
  • " we realise that only the BN can really help the people," said Sugumaran." OH? Really? #
  • Watched RTM1 news n if I edit my video with dirty tactics like them, I I wl b eating salted fish in prison #
  • It is Freedom Thursday cos I have nothing to do but do nothing. #

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