Broadband oh broadband…

These few days, Streamyx is acting up again.
Sometimes, I feel it is like a very conniving, evil, calculative, bended to make life miserable kind of mother-in-law.
You just can’t enjoy uninterrupted good times without being cut off. For example, let’s say you are having some romantic moments with the husband in the bedroom and suddenly the mother-in-law banged on the door, “Ah Beng ahhhhh, lai ciak supper!” (Ah Beng, come eat supper.)

That’s how Streamyx is to me. Yesterday, I was uploading my video to Facebook, Youtube and Malaysiakini. One video, three sites. I left the video uploading to run on its own. Few minutes later, when I came back, all the uploads failed because midway, the broadband mati. So I have to start all over again. With foreplay and the whole works. Dang!

Then, there is my Restaurant City. I left my workers to serve, cook and clean. Midway, Streamyx mati again. I forget and much later, found all my workers four legs up in the air, all dead, asking for rest and foods. My popularity points went down from 50 to 4.1 which means all my customers ran away. You have to have Facebook account and play Restaurant City to know what I am talking about.

I am so geram I didn’t managed to catch my two ADuns at Queensbay the other day. The CM went to launch some free wi-fi at Queensbay. If I knew, I sure go there and protest. Hold banner that says, “Where is the free wi-fi for my area, ADun Air Putih, oi?”

Not that the Penang free wi-fi is 100% reliable but at least when Streamyx is down, I will have a back-up. That’s why I am seriously thinking of getting a mobile broadband. I am looking at one of those and hope to tell Streamxy to go fly kite like how I did to P1 Wimax.

Recently, the huge, purple P1 Wimax promotion SUV is not parked outside my apartment grounds anymore. I think they found out that it is not working here at my place. Sigh…I wonder why my area has such lousy broadband.

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